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Taylor Flores

Accident – Now an every day event

The following are some incidents that Edubirdie Review witnessed. I was on my way to my college in a town bus. My college is situated on a highway and highways are generally accident prone areas.  As I was nearing my destination, I heard a loud crunch- like the sound of metal against metal. All of us in the bus shrieked as the bus screeched to a halt. A long silence was broken by the murmur and chatter of those who had discovered what happened. When I looked out the window, at first I could see nothing but a few seconds later I saw what everyone else was talking about and my hands instinctively went to my mouth. I could see blood stains. Though I could not see it, I knew that the body of the poor man was somewhere under the vehicle, probably wedged between the wheels. The victim died on the spot. This was the first time a vehicle that I was in hit someone. Everyone around me began to fill out of the bus hastily and, not knowing what else to do, I followed. I walked the rest of the way to the college.

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