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Bibi Bobo

Are you looking independent software testing services?

Devstringx Technologies is one of the fastest-growing software testing services Globally. We use advanced technologies to design, develop, or test clients' websites, software, applications, product,s, etc. We hire top candidates in this area and help our clients take their business to the top and work according to the client's actual needs so that we can give 100% happiness and satisfaction to our clients. Our company started in 2014, and since then till now we have successfully completed 1000+ local, national, and international projects. We offer IT-related services like Software Development, Product development, Software testing, Test Automation, etc. For getting access to our services or to know more about Devstingx Technologies kindly visit our website.

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  1. John Staples

    Hello everyone! Could you please tell me about AI in software testing? Thanks in advance for your answers!

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  2. Kentrell Gigi

    AI in software testing involves the application of artificial intelligence techniques to improve various aspects of the software testing process. This includes automating test case generation, execution, and analysis using machine learning and natural language processing, aiding in the identification of defects and vulnerabilities, optimizing test suite selection for maximum coverage, and predicting areas of potential failure.

    As for me, you should visit this page https://testfort.com/blog/ai-in-software-testing-a-silver-bullet-or-a-threat-to-the-profession if you want to know more about how artificial intelligence is used in software testing. I hope you found my answer helpful.

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