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Eliska Boryskova

Exploring the World of Pokémon Go

I've been playing Pokémon GO for a while, and I've managed to collect some decent Pokémon and items. However, I recently learned that there are players selling accounts with more advanced Pokémon and stronger gear. I'm quite tempted because it might give me a competitive edge in battles and raids. But I'm worried about the safety and trustworthiness of such transactions. Has anyone tried purchasing a higher-level account before? What was your experience?



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  1. Edwart Morgan

    I've dabbled in purchasing an account with https://zeusx.com/game/pokemon-go/21/accounts once. It was a smooth experience for me - I got an account with several high CP Pokémon and a solid collection of items. That said, it's crucial to ensure that you're dealing with a legitimate seller. Do thorough research, check reviews, and maybe even ask for recommendations. It's all about being cautious and ensuring you don't get scammed. Happy hunting!

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