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Otis H. Anderson

Know Your Audience

Written communication is just as important now as it was in the past - just remember to know your audience.

In this day and age where hand-written letters have been replaced by e-mail, tweets, and text messages, and in where anyone with the proper computer software can create an e-book, many people think that it’s no longer necessary to use the English language correctly. But the truth is written communication is just as important now than it was in the past. Whether we know it or not -- and whether we like it or not – people judge us by how we write. You might be the foremost authority on whatever subject you happen to be writing about, but if you can’t communicate effectively you’ll come across as unprofessional or, worse, unintelligent. It means you will search for a writing service with the request to write my paper for me.

You Need to Know Your Audience
You cannot write for a group of middle schoolers the same way you would for a group of professors. You cannot write for business people the same way you would your friends. The tone is very important as well as your choice of words.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is writing how they speak.

  • For example: In many parts of the country, people say, “Where you at?”.
  • How it should read: “Where are you?”
  • Another example: In the south, people use the phrase “y’all”.
  • How it should read: “You all.”

When you write, you should avoid using regional phrases and slang words. Why? Because not everyone will understand the reference. Let’s say you’re talking about something as simple as “the metro”. In your city, the metro might be the subway system, but in another city, it might refer to the bus system or the above-ground rail system.

The same goes for slang words. Not everyone will understand the reference. A teenager might know what “getting served” means, but you can’t expect someone from an older generation to understand.

Avoid Abbreviations
Another mistake people make is the overuse of abbreviations. While it is acceptable to use common abbreviations in your writing, it is not acceptable to use texting abbreviations in your writing. Texting is a form of communication; however, it is a form of shorthand, used with people whom you know well.

  • Some examples of common abbreviations: ect for et cetera, inc for incorporated.
  • Some examples of texting abbreviations to avoid: LOL, KIWM, IMO

Why should you avoid texting abbreviations? Because no one should have to decipher what you have written as if you have written it in secret code. As with slang words you can’t assume everyone knows what they mean.

  • Avoid these abbreviations as well: “U r late 4 the meetin’.”
  • How it should read: “You are late for the meeting.”

When you write, keep in mind who you are writing for and the situation. Look at your writing with a critical eye. Pretend you are a stranger reading what you have written. Does it make sense to everyone who would read it? If not, make the appropriate changes.

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