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Ann Lee

Cannabis and the Shifting Perceptions of Luxury

Cannabis once had a reputation of being associated with stoner culture; but today the perception is shifting toward luxury. Cannabis professionals are utilizing lessons from alcohol, coffee and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries in order to elevate products and experiences for high-end customers.

What constitutes luxury goods or services? Scarcity and exclusivity are hallmarks of success; quality and transparency must also play an integral part.

Curated Strains

Growers increasingly employ breeding and pheno-hunting methods that enable them to produce strains with tailored effects for specific effects, often called premium strains. Retail dispensaries increasingly feature these premium strains.

Luxury cannabis brands go beyond offering only top-grade flowers by designing high-end products to elevate the overall experience. Crafted with aesthetic, functionality, and sophistication in mind, these luxury cannabis products stand out as an upgrade from recycled paper and botanical vignettes which are synonymous with this industry.

One such cultivator of cannabis for high-end adults in California is Authentic, who specialize in classic Northern California strains from legacy growers and is sometimes referred to as the "Courvoisier of Cannabis." StudioAC used industrial grating to create faceted walls within Edition dispensary in Toronto using industrial grating lining the store interior and make top-shelf legacy strains more accessible for consumers.

Gourmet Edibles

Today's cannabis edibles  can be an exquisite culinary experience, from chocolate bars from Nove to mochi gummies from Sundae School featuring carefully chosen effects. Today's edible brands combine culinary artistry with carefully-sourced and processed ingredients in luxury offerings that meet consumer expectations.

Many are turning to full-spectrum CBD and THC blends that contain all the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes that create an entourage effect, thanks to innovative manufacturing techniques; these treats also boast fast-acting effects.

Gourmet edibles have led to partnerships between high-fashion brands and cannabis producers, such as Atelier Crenn and MedMen; more recently Barneys New York opened a cannabis accessories boutique, signalling an alteration in perceptions of what constitutes luxury.

Artisanal Craftsmanship

Artisanal craftsmanship is an integral element of luxury experiences, signalling that a brand values both its product and its origins. Furthermore, artisanal production helps support local artisans while spurring economic development while protecting traditional craft techniques.

Artisans are increasingly adopting sustainable and ethical production techniques, using natural dyes and recycled materials, thus minimizing waste production and their environmental footprint. Furthermore, artisans collaborate with designers to produce pieces that fuse traditional craftsmanship with modern design aesthetics.

One of the key challenges facing artisanal craftsmanship is maintaining high-quality standards while meeting fast production deadlines, combatting counterfeit and imitation products and dealing with counterfeit and imitation products. But brands can help by educating consumers and encouraging a change in customer perceptions about luxury artisanal crafts; encouraging customers to see handmade products not just as labor but as unique artistic creations that tell a story, giving customers a sense of purpose that might otherwise be lost with mass production of products.

Social Impact

Fashion marketers skilled in turning an unneeded brand into something highly desirable are being employed to usher cannabis products into luxury retail locations. From boutique stores featuring specially selected pairings to home accessories collections with grinders, boxes, trays and pre-roll tips - luxury brands are taking inspiration from fashion to develop cannabis products that integrate into contemporary lifestyles seamlessly.

Cannabis  Westcoast Bud lends itself perfectly to the rapidly expanding health and wellness industry. An inherently natural product with thousands of years of history dating back to ancient Central Eurasian Scythians' steam baths documented by Herodotus around 440 BCE, cannabis has proven itself indispensable.

Establishing a luxurious cannabis experience requires more than flashy branding or high prices; its product must possess genuine substance and purpose - an immense challenge in an age when consumer expectations for luxury have evolved dramatically.

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