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Soulistic Cat Food Reviews 2021

Soulistic promises to"Feed Your Cat's Soul", but what about their wellbeing? Read our impartial Soulistic cat food review to learn if this is a nourishing, secure choice for your cat.

The We Are About Cats Standard--Rating Soulistic About What Matters
We've examined Soulistic and graded it according to this We Are about Cats standard, evaluating the newest on species-appropriateness, component quality, product assortment, price, customer support, and recall history. Here is how it rates in each of those six key places.

We provide Soulistic cat food a 43 from 60 evaluation or even a B grade.

Around Soulistic
Soulistic is a Petco-exclusive cat food manufacturer produced by Weruva, a brand new pet food firm based in the United States. Weruva was founded in 2006 from David and Stacie Forman and is traditionally known for meat-based, high-moisture food created out of simple recipes and nominal components.

Sourcing and Manufacturing
Soulistic meals is made at a Thai centre that also creates human food and maintains high degree certificates from the British Retail Consortium (BRC). The BRC is a international service that sets an worldwide standard for food safety, packaging, storage, and distribution.

While Soulistic goods are created in a facility that also means food for people, they are not considered human-grade food. The company says that they avoid the word since it is loosely-used and lacks a definition, however it's also worth noting that a human food facility in Thailand has different standards than a human food facility inspected by the USDA.

For example, there's proof that Thai individual food processing centers can attract pet food ingredients, such as"residues and waste from the food businesses", by using their doors. A human food plant in the USA could not legally do that.

Has Soulistic cat food been remembered?
Soulistic hasn't been recalled, however B.F.F. (Best Feline Friend), yet another Weruva brand, has. In 2017, Weruva remembered B.F.F. products offered in Australia because of insufficient levels of thiamine in the canned cat food. The recall was dispersed to goods created for and sold in the Australian industry.

What kinds of cat foods does Soulistic offer?
Soulistic provides wet cat food in cans, pouches, and cups. Their foods are broken up in to three lines.

Original Recipes include a variety of proteins such as chicken breast and whole fish loins.

Pâtés are smooth puréed foods out there in fish-free or even chicken-free tastes, making them suitable for cats with food sensitivities and allergies.

Moist & Tender recipes also have a rustic minced texture.

All of their recipes use bone-free cuts of beef, cutting back the food's content. They are free of animal or plant by-products, grains, and glutenfree.

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