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What is the structure of an essay?

Essay writing is a vital task for every student. It is not an easy task. And you cannot complete them within hour if you are not good at writing. The author of an essay analyzes, evaluates or interprets a specific subject, whether officially or freely. If you are writing essay then follow the basic essay writing format. Do not make your paper boring. Go through with the below points. So you can get good idea on essay structure.

The essays should all include a clear introduction, body paragraph and conclusion. This is the vital structure. We should follow this in order to write or identify an essay. This is the basic writing format. You can use the same for all type of essay.

The introduction of an essay is one of the most important parts. This is because the author explains the topic he will discuss, his thesis and his main lines of argumentation. It represents 10% of the total essay and can present the problems posed by the subject in question, the reflections of the author, the readings of other authors, etc. when you are writing introduction paragraph you must be well prepared. Try to writ it in an interesting way. So you can catch reader’s attention towards your paper.

In the body paragraph, the author of an essay exposes and analyzes the topic he has selected. He poses his ideas and argument based on different sources. It includes magazines, interviews, books and even online sources. This is the longest part of an essay; this part contains 80% of the test. In addition, it is essential to produce and sum up all the content. This is because it is the most important part. One should not write this in boring way.

It is in development that the author develops his thesis, supported, as we said earlier, on his own opinions and the data extracted from other sources in the period of documentation.

The last of the essay is the conclusion paragraph. Every essay writing ends with the conclusion part. This is also one of the vital parts in writing essay. You cannot skip writing this step. Here in this part in which the idea or the most important ideas of the text are summarized. These are the ones that the writer wants to highlight. The writer will thus clearly show his position by quickly listing the main arguments presented in the development. Do not write any new information here. This will surely make your reader confused. Restate your thesis statement. This is the best idea. Always try to write your paper short. Make your reader understand something from your paper. I hope you all enjoyed reading this post.




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  2. fillip brown

    thanks a lot for info!

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  3. James Willey Js

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  4. James Willey Js


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