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PhD Thesis Volume: Requirements and Traditions

A PhD thesis is a serious scientific work that needs to be written by graduate students to obtain a PhD degree. People who take on PhD work understand how much more difficult it is to research those they wrote as students. Of course, in the Ph.D. thesis there are big demands not only for quality, but also for quantity. The volume of the thesis will certainly be of interest to future scientific personnel, since the distribution of general information depends on it.
The volume of Ph.D. thesis: history and modernity Traditions of writing Ph.D. theses. The exact number of pages of the Ph.D. thesis is not determined by general rules, so it is difficult to answer the volume question accurately. However, it is determined by a long-term "tradition". Over the course of several decades, the requirements for the volume of research have repeatedly changed under the influence of various factors. For example, in Soviet times, a candidate's work was fitted into a frame of 110-160 pages (text typed on a typewriter 14 pt. With one and a half intervals), this amount was determined by comparing with the qualification work of a specialist (70-80 pages, the requirements for the text are the same ). At the end of the 90s, the first master's theses appeared, about 100 pages in volume, this does not pass without leaving a trace for candidate dissertations,and their bottom bar rises to 150 sheets. The number of pages for a modern candidate's dissertation should be 150-200, some applicants for a candidate of sciences write works of up to 220 pages. This often causes difficulties for students, they do not always understand where to get so much information on a topic that it would be appropriate. If you cannot independently select the necessary sources on your topic in order to fill your work with a sufficient amount of useful text, contact the professionals https://essayassistant.org/dissertation-help/ for help.

What determines the volume of a Ph.D. thesis?

The volume of a Ph.D. thesis depends on two main points: Specialty. The scientific work of researchers in the humanitarian field of knowledge is usually much "thicker" than that of techies. This is due to the specifics of the content of works (humanitarian ones abound in quite voluminous examples from the sources under study and their descriptions, and in technical theses, numbers play the main role, and descriptions are laconic). Requirements of a specific higher education institution. In connection with joining the Bologna education system, in some universities it became possible to obtain a doctorate in philosophy ( PhD ), but it requires a dissertation of 250-300 pages. Also, for the correct determination of the volume of the thesis, the technical parameters of the text are important, they are the same as in diploma and master's theses, recall: Font: Times New Roman , 14 pt .; line spacing - 1.5; margins: top, bottom - at least 2 cm, left - at least 3 cm, right - at least 1 cm; the indent between the section titles and the text is two spacing; width of margins: top, bottom - not less than 2 cm, left - not less than 3 cm, right - not less than 1 cm. With this typeface, 29-30 lines will fit on the page (approximately 1800 characters). Also, when checking the work, pay attention to the density of the text, it should be without rarefaction and compaction (uniform). These parameters may differ slightly at different faculties and in different universities, these details are usually determined by the dissertation council. He must provide full information on the requirements for the text (including the volume, if it was considered) and changes to them. All these data can be obtained from the secretary. Also, all these data can be applied in case you do not want to complete your dissertation on your own and you want to contact someone for help with its design. For example, to essayassistant.org .

Tips for Determining the Optimal Volume

In modern scientific circles, there is an unspoken rule regarding the volume of a Ph.D. thesis it should consist of 180 pages, which also include a list of references and appendices. Each part of the Ph.D. thesis has its own requirements for the volume, but it is important to remember that the number of pages between the information in the main part must be distributed evenly. Allowed a difference of 10-15 pages. The total volume does not include appendices, tables, figures and a list of used literature. These parts are also not limited by the scope of the volume, but it must be remembered that the list of references must contain at least 100 sources (for techies) and at least 130 items (for humanities). All pages need to be numbered, the total includes the title page, but the number is not put on it.





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