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Ali Irmak Ozdagli

backend uploading services?

will be there any tools who like to upload data using backend services?

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  1. Ann Christine . Catlin

    Hi Ali, You can upload files and folders using our Server Upload as follows: upload your file collections using an SFTP client to our DataCenterHub server site, then use our dataset builder's Server button to transfer the folders and/or files to your dataset experiments (for collections of Reports, Data, Photos/Videos, Diagrams/Drawings). Our researchers use this feature to upload tens of thousands of files to a dataset. Let me know if this satisfies your wish! Thanks, AC

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  2. Ali Irmak Ozdagli

    everything is good.

    thank you.

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  3. Lila Reynoso

    Thanks for brill assignment website link and all the efforts. Files are being download so easily also the format is wonderful . Its all become possible because of you. These diagrams and drawing are really helpful not for one person in fact for all of us.

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