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Useful tips for writing essays


If you still find it difficult to imagine how to write a good argumentative review, i.e., one that is sure to impress the reader and deserve a high grade, then let's first understand what kind of essaybox review it is.

  • This is a text in which you'll need to express your opinion on the stated issue
  • This is the text in which you will need to support your opinion with facts
  • This is a text in which you will also have to provide an opposing viewpoint

Now you see that there are specific requirements for an argumentative essay. Here are our step-by-step guidelines for writing a really strong paper:

Read the topic very carefully or choose your own

If you have been given a specific topic, please read it very carefully to understand as accurately as possible what you need to write about. If you can choose any topic to your liking, then choose one that you are truly interested in, choose a topic that really captures you. When you can't see the author's passion in an essay, it's boring to read. If you are not even interested in the topic, how will it be able to hook the reader?

Think through the pros and cons of your topic and choose one side

Once you've chosen a topic that seems right for you, it's time to sketch out a list of pro and con arguments. Each issue has two sides, meaning now you just have to decide whether you are for or against. In your paper, you will need to cover the arguments of both sides, but don't forget that when you read the essay, it should be clear which side you support.

In an argumentative essay, you will also have to touch on your opponents' point of view. Make sure that your arguments are strong enough to defeat your opponents' arguments. When you skillfully explain why the arguments for your point of view make more sense than the arguments on the other side, your position becomes even more compelling.

Prepare the facts

What good is an essay that has no facts? After all, the point is to use facts to strengthen the argument for your position. That is, to make your arguments sound convincing, you will need to illustrate them with reasonable and verifiable facts. Without them, your paper will look ill-conceived and incomplete. In an academic essay, journal articles, lectures, textbooks, or similar sources of verified information can be good material for facts.


Once you have prepared yourself with all the materials for your essay, sit down and write. An argumentative essay, like other types of essays, has 3 parts: the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. The length of each of these three parts depends on the length of the entire essay.


Always leave time to make edits. See if there are grammatical or spelling errors somewhere, or maybe the flow of the narrative isn't smooth everywhere? Once again, make sure you get the topic right and stay on topic. Sometimes when one thought springs from another, you can miss it and deviate from the stated topic.

You can't:

  1. Don't make up facts. Making up statistics and facts will not fool readers. Don't try to make up any information just because you lack in-depth knowledge of the topic.
  2. Don't be too emotional. An argumentative essay is not a diary page, a movie review, or a personal letter; it's not about your feelings! You don't need to write such an essay in the spirit of praise or complaint.


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