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Contact Us

If you would like to collaborate with the DEEDS research team or write a proposal with DEEDS as your supporting research infrastructure for big data and high-performance computing, please let us know.

Principal Investigator:
Ann Christine Catlin, Purdue University

Co-investigators & Senior Personnel
Ashraf Alam, Purdue University
Marisol Sepúlveda,Purdue University
Joseph Francisco, University of Pennsylvania
Kathleen Hill Gallant, Purdue University
Chandima Hewa Nadungodage, Purdue University
Santiago Pujol, Purdue University

Other Faculty Collaborators
Robin Gandhi, University of Nebraska
Chungwook Sim, University of Nebraska
Saeed Eftekhar Azam, University of Nebraska
Daniel Linzell, University of Nebraska
Jerzy Leszczynski, Jackson State University
Juganta Roy, Jackson State University
Jing Wang, Jackson State University
Jingjing Liang, Purdue University

The DEEDS R&D Team
Steven Clark, University of California San Diego
Guneshi Wickramaarachchi, Purdue University
Sumudinie Fernando, Purdue University
Andres Bejarano, Purdue University
Keehwan Park, Purdue University

Post-doctoral Researchers
Tyler Hoskins, Purdue University
Robert Flynn, Purdue University
Joanna Hodges, Ohio State University
Sisi Cao, Ohio State University

Graduate Students
Jonathan Monical, Purdue University
Tahir Patel, Purdue University
Reza Asadpour, Purdue University
Jie Zhong, University of Pennsylvania
Kendal Schmitz, Purdue University
Dennis Cladis, Purdue University
Andrea Lobene, Purdue University
Edgar Perez, Purdue University
Akshay Kale, University of Nebraska
Paramesh Desigavinayagam, Purdue University (graduated)
Xingshu Sun, Purdue University (graduated)

Other Collaborators
Michael Iacchetta, U.S. Geological Survey
Chloe De Perre, Purdue University
Grace Coogan, Purdue University
Ross Hoehn, Soar Technology, Inc





Our research is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. #1724728, CIF21 DIBBs: EI: Creating a Digital Environment for Enabling Data-Driven Science (DEEDS), awarded by the Office of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure (OAC), Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Engineering. NSF awards $3.5 million 4-year grant to build powerful web platform for data-driven science.