BRI Wall Database

By Merve Usta

Version 1.0






Published on

Apr 06, 2016



This database has been reproduced here to preserve the data and ensure continued access.

The database builds on the report Past Experimental Results on Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls and Analysis on Them published by Masaya Hirosawa in March 1975. In this report, the author collected and listed up the test results of 179 specimens of past reinforced concrete shear wall experiments carried out in Japan.

The BRI Wall Database includes material and geometric properties, experimental results, the comparison of experimental results with the semi-theoretical formulas and references for tests of reinforced concrete structural walls. Load-deflection data files (obtained from SERIES Wall Database) are also available for some experiments.

This database provides researchers with data needed to evaluate and develop seismic performance models for RC walls. The database will continue to be improved.

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