Experimental Study of Seismic Response of Reinforced Concrete Setback Buildings

By Bahram M. Shahrooz, Jack P. Moehle

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Jul 29, 2015


    "A one-quarter scale model of a two-bay by two-bay, six-story reinforced concrete ductile moment resisting frame having 50 percent setback at mid-height was designed, constructed, and tested. The prototype structure was designed for combined gravity and seismic effects determined according to the requirements of the 1982 Uniform Building Code. Proportion and details were provided to satisfy the seismic provisions of Appendix A of the ACI Building Code (ACI 318-83) and the ACI-ASCE Committee 352 recommendations for design of beam-column connections.

    The test structure was subjected to a number of tests including static pull-back tests, free-vibration tests, and unidirectional and bidirectional earthquake simulations on the earthquake simulator at the Earthquake Engineering Research Center of the University of California, Berkeley. The base motions modeled records obtained from the 1940 El Centro, 1978 Miyagi-Ken-Oki, or 1985 Mexico City earthquakes. The experimental findings from the response of the test structure were extended to a broad spectrum of response of setback frames."

-excerpt from reference 1

This resource contains data from a six shake table tests of a six-story reinforced concrete special moment-resisting frame (SMRF). 

Photo of the test structure


Start Date / End Date: These were taken from the time stamp on the data files.
Latitude / Longitude: This points to the University of California, Berkeley's Earthquake Simulator Laboratory.
Drawings / Photos: The number at the beginning indicates from which reference these were taken.


1.    Shahrooz, B. and Moehle, J. (1987), "Experimental Study of Seismic Response of RC Setback Buildings." Report No. UCB/EERC-87/16. 360 pp.
    Shahrooz, B. and Moehle, J. (1990), "Seismic Response and Design of Setback Buildings." Journal of Structural Engineering, 116(5), pp 1423-1439.

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