Engineering in the City of the Century

By Merve Usta

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Oct 06, 2016


Engineering in the City of the Century: A Celebration of Structural Engineering Achievements in 20th Century Chicago

This dataset has been created to preserve the “Engineering in the City of Century” lecture series, which was dedicated to the memory of John E. Goldberg at Purdue University in 1998. The lecture series was organized by Robert J. Frosch, Nancy L. Gavlin and Mete A. Sozen with the sponsorship of the Goldberg Family, Bryan A. Erler, Purdue University School of Civil Engineering, the Structural Engineers Association of Illinois and the Structural Engineers Foundation. The lectures were also collected into a book named "Engineering in the City of the Century: A Celebration of Structural Engineering Achievements in 20th Century Chicago" by Mete A. Sozen. The lectures included in the dataset are presented in the table below.
Lectures Speakers
The Evolution of the Skyscraper: The History of the Tall Building in Chicago C. William Brubaker
Foundation Engineering in 20th Century Chicago Clyde N. Baker
The Art of Designing Economical High-Rise Structures in Chicago Eli W. Cohen
Structural Engineering: Chicago Style John J. Zils
Getting Concrete up to Strength for Chicago`s Mega High-Rise Buildings W. Gene Corley
The Structural Engineer: A Retrospective of the Engineering of William Schmidt Barbara Schmidt Hornkohl
The Influence of Chicago Engineering on the Evolution of Concrete Technology Antony E. Fiorato
The Power of Engineering: A Look at the Contribution of Structural Engineering to the Advancement of Electric Power in Chicago Bryan A. Erler
Looking Beyond the Obvious Solution: A Guide to Better Infrastructure Improvements Stan-Lee Kaderbeck
Structural Engineering-Off the Beaten Path Michael J. Tylk
Solving Construction Problems in Chicago: Practical Answers Based on Scientific Investigations Gary J. Klein
Innovative Structural Solutions to the Problems of Building in a Large City R. Shankar Nair
















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