NEES Performance Curves (NEES-2007-0423)

By Daniel Cox

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Jul 06, 2017


Title: NEES Performance Curves (NEES-2007-0423)

Year Of Curation: 2009

Description: The purpose of this experiment is to obtain a data set for evaluating the performance of solitary wave generation in the Tsunami Wave Basin to be used for numerical comparisons. The measurement of free surface and fluid particle velocity were conducted in 8 different cross-shore locations. A total of 7 wave gauges and 2 ADV's were mounted at the bridge. Tank coordinates refer to x = 0 at the north wall and y = 0 at the wave board's fully retracted location.

Award: --

PIs & CoPIs: Daniel Cox

Dates: May 02, 2006 - June 14, 2006

Organizations: Oregon State University, OR, United States

Facilities: Oregon State University, OR, United States

Sponsor: NSF

Keywords: Wave Propagation, Tsunami Wave Basin

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