Mete Sozen's Digital Library

By Merve Usta, Molly A. Stetler

Version 1.0






Published on

Apr 24, 2018



This database has been created to preserve documents collected by Dr. Mete A. Sozen during his work as a Professor of Civil Engineering at Purdue University and University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

This database is presented as a spreadsheet with each row containing the following information:

Title: Title of the document

Keywords: Words describing the dataset

Report(s): Related documentation

Source: Names of the people who generated the report

Experiment End Date: Publication or acceptance date of the documentation (if available). For documents only having the information of publication year and month, the day was assumed to be the first day of the month to be consistent with the date format. (Format: yyyy-mm-dd)

Compiled by: Names of the people who compiled the data

Compiled on: Date when the dataset was compiled (Format: yyyy-mm-dd)

The database will continue to be improved.

The following databases also contain work done by Dr. Mete A. Sozen during his career:

1) Earthquake Reconnaissance Slides by Drs. Mete A. Sozen and Nathan M. Newmark:

2) Earthquake Simulation tests:

3) NEES: Earthquake Simulator Video Archive:

4) Database of low-rise reinforced concrete buildings with earthquake damage:



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