Steel Bridge Database

By Robert John Connor

Version 1.0






Published on

Apr 06, 2016




This database includes information collected from 47 steel bridges built between 1921 to 1981 in U.S.

Data that are included are Charpy V-Notch test (CVN) results, chemistry, and tensile properties of the samples taken from each bridge. The following are the column headers for this database:

This database is presented as a spreadsheet with each row containing the following information of a building:

  1. Title: Title of the project, group of experiments, simulations or surveys
  2. Source: Names of the people who generated the data
  3. Keywords: Words describing the dataset, which can be used for searching
  4. Report(s): Related documentation
  5. Experiment or Case ID: ID assigned by the source to the sample, specimen, case, survey, site, experiment or simulation
  6. Latitude: Latitude of the location where data was collected, if applicable
  7. Longitude: Longitude of the location where data was collected, if applicable
  8. Parameters: Variables and parameters chosen by the researcher, compiler, professional or scientific organization to describe the data
  9. Drawings/Diagrams: Drawing and diagram files needed to interpret the data
  10. Data: Data files generated through project. Tabular text format is preferred (e.g., *.txt, *.csv).
    It is recommended that data files are organized in columns with each column having a descriptive header (e.g., sensor ID and unit)
  11. Photos, Videos, etc.: Media files including photos, videos, audio generated through project
  12. Compiled by: Names of the people who compiled the data
  13. Date: Date when the dataset was compiled. (format: yyyy-mm-dd)







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