Seismic Performance of 5 RC Buildings w Structural Walls at Tohoku Univ. during the Tohoku EQ of 2011 (NEES-2012-1122

By Santiago Pujol, Mete Sozen

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Aug 31, 2017


Title: Seismic Performance of Five Reinforced Concrete Buildings with Structural Walls at Tohoku University during the Tohoku, Japan, Earthquake of 2011 (NEES-2012-1122)

Year Of Curation: 2014

Description: The objective of this Rapid Research Response (RAPID) award was to investigate the performance of buildings with structural walls in the Tohoku, Japan, earthquake of 2011. The goals of this investigation were (1) to collect quantitative data on the seismic performance of buildings with dominant structural walls in the Tohoku region, (2) to compare it with similar information obtained in Chile, (3) to identify the causes of successes and failures observed in the two locations, (4) to test the ability of state-of-the-art simulation tools to reproduce what occurred in the field, and (5) to summarize the findings in brief statements and/or algorithms that can be used to design safer structures. Building standards in Chile, Japan, and the US are comparable. Nevertheless, the Maule, Chile, Earthquake of 2010 caused severe structural failures that demonstrated that there are critical missing links in our technology related to earthquake resistance of mid- to high-rise buildings with structural reinforced concrete walls. In Concepcion, Chile, where the peak ground acceleration did not exceed 0.4g, nearly 7 percent of the buildings with more than 10 stories were evacuated and scheduled for demolition. In contrast, the intensity of the ground motion caused by the earthquake of 2011 in the Japanese region of Tohoku was as large or larger than in Concepcion (with peak ground accelerations exceeding 2g), but the frequency of building damage was lower.


PIs & CoPIs: Santiago Pujol, Mete Sozen

Dates: October 28, 2011 - March 20, 2014

Organizations: Purdue University at West Lafayette, IN, United States


Sponsor: NSF - CMMI - 1138673 

Keywords: Tohoku University, Japan Earthquake, Structural Walls

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