Purdue LARS Field Research Data

By Larry L Biehl

Version 1.0






Published on

Jun 16, 2016


The data in this dataset were collected by Purdue University's Laboratory for Applications of Remote Sensing (LARS) as part of the Field Research Data project. The research was conducted at the following sites:

  • West Lafayette, Indiana
  • Des Moines, Iowa
  • Garden City, Kansas
  • Ely, Minnesota
  • Fargo, North Dakota
  • Miller, South Dakota
  • Williston, North Dakota

This dataset consists of over 200,000 spectral observations of soils and vegetation that have been collected since 1972. The dataset includes spectral observations from spectrometers with 60 to 210 bands from 0.4 - 2.4 um and multiband radiometers with Landsat MSS and Thematic Mapper spectral bands. It also includes the calibrated spectral data along with the associated biophysical and meteorological data. These data have been collected as part of several NASA programs including LACIE and AgRISTARS.

These data were originally organized on the FRdata website here. They were reorganized on datacenterhub.org to promote discoverability. The following scene types are present in the dataset:

Alfalfa Grasses Sorghum
Aspen Jack Pine Soybeans
Balsam Fir Legumes Spring Wheat
Barley Millet Sugar Beets
Black Spruce Oats Sunflowers
Corn Pasture Trees
Dry Bean Red Pine Triticale
Durum Wheat Rye Wetlands
Fallow Safflower Winter Wheat
Flax Soil  

The following are descriptions of selected case information:

  • [Title] This is the name of the project from which the data were obtained.
  • [Experiment or Case ID] This is the ID assigned to the project in the original dataset.
  • [Keywords] These identify the focus of the investigation, including what type of crop was being examined, if specified.
  • [Data] This column contains the raw data files obtained during the experiments in ASCII format. Documentation about how to interpret the data are also available in this section.
  • [Photos,Videos,Etc] These contain photographs from the research. Currently, one case has photos uploaded (ID 801802).
  • [Source] This is the name of the researcher who conducted the work. 
  • [Start Date] This is the first date on which data were recorded for the project, extracted from the data files. In cases where the date was not reported, this is set to YYYY-01-01. 
  • [Latitude, Longitude] These correspond to the location where the research was conducted (one of the sites listed above).


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