Rapid Return to Occupancy in Unbraced Steel Frames (NEES-2009-0707)

By Jeffrey Berman, Peter Dusicka

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Published on

Jun 28, 2017


Title: Rapid Return to Occupancy in Unbraced Steel Frames (NEES-2009-0707)

Year Of Curation: 2014

Description: The loss of occupancy and the difficulty associated with repairing a conventional structure following an earthquake can economically burden owners as well as occupants. This research investigates the concept of a linked column steel framing system utilizing replaceable components that are strategically placed to protect the gravity load carrying system. the nonbraced lateral system relies on the inelastic behavior of bolted shear links. Non-linear pushover analyses were used to investigate the performance of a three-story building and demonstrated ductile behavior with the potential for rapid return to occupancy. Practical connection details for the link components were proposed in an effort to provide elastic connections that shift plastic strains away from critical welds, thereby avoiding some of the failures observed in past tests on similarly detailed link-to-column eccentrically braced frames. Link end details were investigated using detailed non-linear finite element analyses and showed the viability of the shear link component to provide inelastic energy dissipation while limiting plastic strains at the bolted connection. In general, the linked column framing system is thought to be viable under seismic loading, offering a ductile structural system with the ability to rapidly return to occupancy. 

Award: http://www.nsf.gov/awardsearch/showAward?AWD_ID=0830414

PIs & CoPIs: Peter Dusicka, Jeffrey Berman

Dates: June 16, 2008 - July 11, 2013

Organizations: Portland State University, OR, United States

Facilities: Portland State University, OR, United States,     University of California, Berkeley, CA, United States

Sponsor: NSF - n/a - 0830414

Keywords: Steel Frame Systems


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