Performance of Masonry Structures in Nepal

By Prateek Pratap Shah, Pranjal Pratap Shah, Praveen Pratap Shah

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Feb 15, 2017


A survey of 21 masonry structures was carried out in Kirtipur, Nepal from June 6, 2016 to August 10, 2016. The masonry structures surveyed were constructed using a combination of mud mortar and stones, mud mortar and clay bricks, and cement mortar and clay bricks. The survey was conducted to study typical construction practices and detailing used in masonry structures in Nepal.

The data collected during the survey included structure coordinates, floor plans, plan dimensions, floor heights, wall thicknesses, mortar thicknesses, mortar type, stone/brick sizes, number of floors, photographs, and information on use of seismic banding.

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This database is presented as a spreadsheet with each row containing the following information for a structure:

  1. Title: Title of the project, group of experiments, simulations or surveys
  2. Source: Names of the people who generated the data
  3. Keywords: Words describing the dataset
  4. Experiment or Case ID: identifier assigned by the source to the structure
  5. Latitude/Longitude: Latitude and longitude of the location where data was collected.
  6. Parameters: Variables and parameters chosen by the researcher to describe the data
  7. Drawings/Diagrams: Drawing and diagrams helpful to interpret the data
  8. Photos, Videos, etc.: Media files including photos, videos, audio generated through project
  9. Compiled by: Names of the people who compiled the data
  10. Date: Date when the dataset was compiled


The following information is presented in the parameter column:

  1. Event
  2. Building ID
  3. Number of Floors Above Ground
  4. Average Floor Height
  5. Average Stone Wall Thickness
  6. Mortar Type
  7. Maximum Length between Supports
  8. Minimum Length between Supports
  9. Seismic Banding
  10. Aspect Ratio

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structural engineering, earthquake engineering general, Stone Masonry