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By Nagoya Institute of Technology, Purdue University

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Dec 02, 2017



The first International Bridge Contest took place in 2007. The contest was conceived by Professor Toshikatsu Ichinose from Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan. In the contest, students build and test to failure scaled models of trusses and/or bridges made with simple daily-use materials such as paper, small wood sticks, rope, and styrofoam. The objective of the contest is to involve large numbers of students in a multicultural experience that allows them to put to test their creativity and their technical skills, without requiring expensive materials and laboratory facilities.

Initially the contest included universities from Japan and the United States. Today it also includes universities from Turkey, Colombia, and Chile. The contest takes place once a year. It is done and broadcast live through the World Wide Web.


2007 Nagoya Institute of Technology Hiroki Mizuno, Masaki Sata,Tomoka Hirano, Miyuki Takamura, Takahiro Yokoyama
2008 Nagoya Institute of Technology Lukman Lukman
2009 Colorado State University Thang Nguyen Dao, Lindsi Hammond, Katelin Crook, Zach Taylor, Omar Amini
2010 Purdue University Nathaniel Sedra, Allen Deschepper, John Lyrenmann, Chungwook Sim, Eduardo Perez, Mike Wesson
2011 Purdue University Ying Wang, Rabab Al Louzi, Amer Abdel Karim Alkloub
2012 University of Minnesota Marie Desharnais, Ben Dymond, Andrew Gastineau, and Davide Giannuzzi
2013 Purdue University Jacob Johnson, Payden Johnson, Aishwarya Y.Puranam
2014 Purdue University A. Puranam, J. Bubalo, S. Paulsen, S. Magers, C.W. Sim, L. Laughery, Y. Zhang, D. Daluga, N. Skok,
2015 Purdue University A. Puranam, L. Laughery, W. Pollalis
2016 Purdue University D. Yang, S. Wang, Z. Liu, C. Qian, S. Houldieson, A. Puranam, W. Pollalis, L. Laughery
2017 Yokohama National University  

The contest is sponsored by Yahagi Construction Co., Ltd. Their generous support is greatly appreciated.

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