Buildings Surveyed after the 2017 Mexico City Earthquakes

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Oct 26, 2018


Buildings Surveyed after 2017 Mexico City Earthquakes

This dataset consists of building data collected in Mexico City after the 19 September 2017 Puebla-Morelos Earthquake. 

Over 120 reinforced concrete structures were surveyed by engineers from USA, Mexico, and New Zealand with support from The Colegio of Ingenieros of Mexico City (CICM), UNAM, The National Science Foundation (NSF), and American Concrete Institute (ACI) Subcommittee 133. This effort involved researchers from Cal Poly-SLO, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, University of Nebraska, University of California-San Diego, University of Kansas, The University at Buffalo , Stanford, University of Alabama, University of Auckland, and Purdue University.

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In addition to the data presented here, data collected by CICM following the Puebla-Morelos Earthquake are available at:

Data including GPS coordinates, hand sketches of floor plans, dimensions of structural and non-structural elements, damage level, photographs, and structural and architectural drawings (if available) were collected and are presented in this dataset. 

The dataset also includes ambient vibration data collected for 13 buildings. 


Each row in this dataset contains the following information for one building: 

  1. Title: Title of the project, group of experiments, simulations or surveys
  2. Source: Names of the people who generated the data
  3. Keywords: Words describing the dataset
  4. Report(s): Related documentation
  5. Experiment or Case ID: ID assigned by the source to the sample, specimen, case, survey, site, experiment or simulation
  6. Latitude: Latitude of the location where data were collected, if applicable
  7. Longitude: Longitude of the location where data were collected, if applicable
  8. Parameters: Variables and parameters chosen by the researcher, compiler, professional or scientific organization to describe the data. 
    This includes # of stories, typical column dimensions, spans, RC column, RC wall, and masonry wall density at ground floor, damage level, etc. 
  9. Drawings/Diagrams: Drawing and diagrams helpful to interpret the data
  10. Data: Data files generated through project. 
  11. Photos, Videos, etc.: Media files including photos, videos, audio generated through project
  12. Compiled by: Names of the people who compiled the data
  13. Date: Date when the dataset was compiled


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