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Unlike other essays when writing a philosophical essay the essay writer doesn’t have the end in mind, the essay grows through its content and its exploration. The depth of each philosophical topic and the combinations of different sources consulted make each essay unique and different from each other.

Being assigned a philosophical essay topic means you will work on an existing philosophical theory or argument, instead of presenting your own ideas. 



If you are familiar with philosophical essays you might have come across many ‘help me write my essay on a philosophical topic’ requests, as there are many out there writing them and little who know how to logically explore, analyze, evaluate, and structure others’ ideas and theories

Before continuing further, it is important to identify the main features that philosophical essays have. 

  1. The purpose of the essay: What the essay writer wants to accomplish with the essay and why?
  2. The audience: Who will read the paper and why will it interest them?
  3. Argumentation: The reasoning that is employed to explore and dissect a topic.
  4. Paper narrative: It provides a running thought and structure for the essay.  
  5.  The style of writing: This is the way the essay is written, structured, and presented by the essay writer.

What is a philosophical argument?

Every line and text in the philosophical essay should be one way or the other connected to some argument. The philosophical arguments are all about presenting the reasons for holding onto a specific claim as true.

An argument is considered valid if the trueness of all of the premises for the argument always makes the conclusion true. There are other reasonable arguments where despite the premise being true the conclusion is not true(not valid), these are called not valid arguments. Both valid and not-valid arguments are in use in various essays ny essay writing service.

Types of philosophical arguments?

There are a total of six arguments with Deductive and Materially Valid Arguments the only two valid arguments. 

Deductive Reasoning

The two features that make deductive reasoning valid is the step by step reasoning. The reasoning follows the usual logical inference rules. The conclusion having been reached from various premises through logical reasoning makes the deductive reasoning valid arguments.

Subject Matter Validity

At times some arguments can be valid without having a logical deduction. The argument is reasonable and valid but that is not due to the step by step logical reasoning from premise to conclusion, as in the case of deductive reasoning. 

Also known as materially valid arguments, the argument follows that if A is a vowel (V), then A is not a consonant (C). 

The reasoning: If A is V then that means that A is C. 

Inductive Arguments

This argument is more of a probabilistic argument. It deduces conclusions from observations of samples. Deducing from a college essay cannot be said to be absolute as the sample is not the set. The deduction follows that since every number from sample A  is below 10 then the next number from the set will be below 10. 

This type of argument is seldom used in philosophy.

The Best Explanation Hypothesis

This argument gives an inference to best explain a given situation or an observation. For example, if in astronomy a star is observed orbiting around a focus periodically, the presence of a secondary body--i.e, a dwarf star or a black hole--is the best explanation. Such a hypothesis is just a theory unless conclusive evidence is not attained. 

Arguments Derived from Analogies

This argument is when you find that two things are similar in some respect then they should be similar in other respects too. A is the just like B, so if P has quality Q in A, it should have quality Q in B too. 

Arguments Derived from Charity

When analyzing the work of others contact college essay help, you stumble upon various choices for the interpretation of a text, saying, or work. The choice you choose to be a reasonable interpretation should then be explained by a supporting argument.

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