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Sku Tufik Sku Tufik

Where to fly?

Hello, everyone. I want to go somewhere. My choice is between the U.S. and Costa Rica. I will be flying from Calgary, so I would like to find inexpensive airfare. Any recommendations?

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi. I can't choose one of these countries. America is a very comfortable country with many possibilities. Costa Rica is a very beautiful and colorful country. I think you should choose the country you feel most comfortable in and with the opportunities you are interested in. But I would advise to visit both countries. And here are cheap flights from Calgary look for it on this site.

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  2. Anonymous

    Go to Costa Rica. It will be easier, cheaper and more interesting. Nature in Costa Rica is amazing. There's a lot to see there. And in America, it's a lot of trouble to get there.

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