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Merve Usta

Frozen Experiment/Case IDs Column

It would be great if experiment/case ids column could be frozen when we scroll right. We cannot see the experiment/case ids and we cannot figure out which row should we click on to see/download data file. (when we scroll right to see the rest of the database.)

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  1. Hayley Leo Cochran William


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  2. Hayley Leo Cochran William

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  6. Andre Goil

    The reason for this error is that SQL SELECT statements are logically * processed in the following order:

    • FROM: selection of one table or many JOINed ones and all rows combinations that match the ON conditions.

    • WHERE: conditions are evaluated and rows that do not match are removed.

    • GROUP BY: rows are grouped (and every group collapses to one row)

    • HAVING: conditions are evaluated and rows that do not match are removed.

    • SELECT: list of columns is evaluated.

    • DISTINCT: duplicate rows are removed (if it's a SELECT DISTINCT statement)

    • UNIONEXCEPTINTERSECT: the action of that operand is taken upon the rows of sub-SELECT statements. For example, if it's a UNION, all rows are gathered (and duplicates eliminated unless it's a UNION ALL) after all sub-SELECT statements are evaluated. Accordingly for the EXCEPT or INTERSECT cases.

    • ORDER BY: rows are ordered.

    But I'm working teacher in Stanford university and manager for BestEssayServices and I'm really know this problem.

    Therefore, you can't use in WHERE clause, something that hasn't been populated or calculated yet. See also this question: oracle-sql-clause-evaluation-order

    logically processed: Note that database engines may as well choose another order of evaluation for a query (and that's what they usually do!) The only restriction is that the results should be the same as if the above order was used.

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