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Chungwook Sim

Change or modification to parameters table should be possible, adding descriptions to the parameters table

1. Currently, once you select the set of parameters (which is one to one relationship), you can never go back or cancel what you chose as your selection.

There could be cases when users make mistakes and would like to change later on.

Or, the researcher choose to use the parameters that the technical committee provided but in the future the user might want to use a user-defined format to change (add/delete many columns) the parameters. One-to-one relationship is still remaining true but if the user wanting to change the way of displaying their research, this should be available.


2. It would be nice if there is a functionality to add descriptions to the parameters chosen.

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  1. Johnny V. Battle

    Well, hopefully the administrator or the developer would take some actions against your findings and will add the features which you are talking about. Your suggestions how to write a literature review are quite interesting and users friendly too.

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  2. julia john

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