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Fani Jozrone

Contactless payment system

I want to find out as much information as possible about the contactless payment system. Should I abandon terminals in favour of this payment system? Who has their own business and share their personal experiences?

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    Brol Brol Brol

    I would not be in a hurry if I were you. I have been working in trade for a long time. I am quite happy with ordinary payment terminals. Not many of my acquaintances have switched to contactless payments

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    Erienan Erienan

    I have never regretted my decision to use the contactless payment system. It's convenient, easy and fast. Moreover, it is not so expensive in service, unlike terminals. I would also recommend you to get acquainted with such a concept as Softpos You can learn everything about the organization and connection of this system on the company's website

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