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You didn't plan it, but it's happened: you've got more than one girlfriend, and you're struggling with the juggling act of keeping everyone happy. Including you. One girlfriend can be a handful- managing more than one girlfriend can be a challenge at best. It can be a nightmare at worst. There are some tricks of the trade you can use to help manage your girlfriends without losing sleep. Here are a few ideas on managing more than one online girlfriend at a time:

  • Get yourself organized, already. You're going to halve or quarter your time between girlfriends, which means you need to organize yourself extremely well. Keep track of dates, important moments (the first time you kissed, etc.) and the names of their nearest and dearest. Pay special attention to details- who likes you in which shirts, for example. And be sure to make certain each time you meet one of your girlfriends that it's uniquely for her. She'll be happier, and less suspicious if you haven't told her about the other(s).

  • Mix them up at your own risk. You really have to have your head on the game if you want to manage more than one girl at a time. Any sort of sloppiness or slip-of-the-tongue could get you in trouble, or get her to leave you. The most notorious cases of mistakes falls into unguarded moments, like when you've drunk too much or you're having sex. Keeping your wits equals keeping your girlfriends.

  • Give your friends the heads' up. Your friends will no doubt want and expect to meet your girlfriends, and vice-versa. Make sure they're told way ahead of time to be discreet. If your girlfriends find out about someone else in public, you're playing with fire. On the other hand, you can make everyone's lives easier if you manage having more than one girlfriend by keeping the relationships open.

  • Your flat, your car, your phone. Bringing more than one girlfriend into your house or car means leaving tell-tale signals that someone else has been there. Make sure to tidy and hide any evidence of your other girlfriends before picking her up or inviting her over. Watch out for the little things girls usually leave behind: lipstick, notes and underwear are the most common. Your girlfriends will take a peek at your phone, so either keep track of it closely or give them codenames, with the call history cleaned out often.

  • Separate Quality Time Equally. One of the most exhausting things when you're trying to manage more than one girlfriend at a time is wearing yourself thin with one girlfriend and not having the stamina for another. Women notice these things. To avoid conflicts or confrontations, you need to balance your time and their time equally.

It's a balancing act, trying to manage more than one girlfriend at a time, but it's definitely doable. It takes some concentration and motivation, but by using a few of these tips you'll be a master of the multiple love-lives game.