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Lola LolaLo Lo

Accessing the Pirate Bay via mobile devices

Mobile users had difficulty accessing until 2014. How are things now? 

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  1. Den DenBem Bem

    The mobile capabilities of the site have improved dramatically in a short time, as the number of mobile visitors has grown. Despite these updates, Pirate Bay remains inaccessible for iOS users. Mobile and tablet users have to jailbreak their devices to access the site. Fortunately, Android users don't have to face the same problems as they can the pirate bays utorrent using torrent clients from Google Play. Blackberry users can also access the site. In addition to torrent clients, the site has RSS feeds that improve accessibility.

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  2. Kate KateNickolson Nickolson

    You have created a very relevant topic! I think most will find answers for themselves. With the decline of The Pirate Bay an entire era of revolutionary romantics and Internet freedom is gone.
    The article awakened a pleasant nostalgia.

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