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Matt Hebdon

Folder organization of images

It would be nice to be able to organize images with folders.  For example, for each of my specimens I have photos of:

1. Fabrication

2. Test Setup

3. Fracture

4. Fatigue Crack Growth

5. Fracture Surfaces

I would like to organize these photos rather than putting them all in the same location

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  1. Ann Christine . Catlin

    Hi Matt, You can classify your photos by assigning "folder" names to them in the DataCenterHub File Manager. In the File Manager for your dataset's Photos collection, assign the appropriate folder name (Fabrication, Test Setup, Fracture, Fatigue Crack Growth, Fracture Surfaces) to each photo, and then this classification is available in the File Manager for any file operations and in the discovery dataview for search and exploration for the worldwide research community. In fact, you can set up folders with your photos (on your desktop for example) and load them to you dataset using our "Server Upload". We will read in your folders and files -- and capture your folder hierarchy as metadata for every uploaded file. This is true for all file collection types ... Photos, Video, Reports, Drawings, Diagrams, Data. Please let me know if this answers your needs! AC

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  2. Carrie D.

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  3. John Mari Jonson

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