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The Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES) was a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded organization aimed at facilitating research to mitigate earthquake damage and loss of life. The NEEShub cyber infrastructure was developed in response to the NEES community's need to combine data preservation, sharing, analysis, and simulation. NEEShub is currently in the process of transitioning to the NHERI DesignSafe-ci cyber infrastructure as part of the next generation of NSF support for natural hazard engineering research facilities that will replace NEES.

Project Warehouse

The NEES project warehouse was a repository where researchers could organize and publish collections of data. Research projects were divided into Experiments, Simulations, or Hybrid Simulations, each of which had its own hierarchical structure to facilitate the different workflows.

From 2009 to 2015, NEES headquarters and the NEEShub cyberinfrastructure were located at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. The team at Purdue made a commitment to the researchers who uploaded data to be stewards of their data. These datasets were created to fulfill that commitment by ensuring continued access to projects that were uploaded to Project Warehouse.

The projects listed below were published in the NEES warehouse and have been migrated to DataHub as datasets. The NEES Databases also were migrated and are available here.

Public Projects

Project Resource Data Title
NEES-2005-0004 resource data Real-time Fast Hybrid Testing Steel Frame Test
NEES-2005-0013 resource data Evaluation of Ground Rupture Effects on Critical Lifelines
NEES-2005-0018 resource data RC Collapse Test
NEES-2005-0021 resource data Semiactive Control of Nonlinear Structures
NEES-2005-0022 resource data Experimental and Analytical Investigation of Non-rectangular Walls under Multidirectional Loads
NEES-2005-0024 resource data Behavior of Braced Steel Frames With Innovative Bracing Schemes - A NEES Collaboratory Project
NEES-2005-0027 resource data Dynamic Behavior of Slickensided Surfaces
NEES-2005-0032 resource data Using NEES as a Testbed for Studying Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction: Shaking Table Tests
NEES-2005-0033 resource data Seismic Performance of Bridge Systems with Conventional and Innovative Materials
NEES-2005-0042 resource data Dynamic Passive Pressure on Full-Scale Pile Caps: Phase 1
NEES-2005-0046 resource data Development of a Seismic Design Methodology for Precast Floor Diaphragms
NEES-2005-0047 resource data Innovative Applications of Damage Tolerant Fiber-Reinf. Cement. Materials for New EQ-Resistant Struc.
NEES-2005-0071 resource data Seismic Simulation and Design of Bridge Columns under Combined Actions, and Implications on System Response
NEES-2005-0075 resource data Controlled Rocking of Steel-Framed Buildings
NEES-2005-0077 resource data Self-Centering Damage-Free Seismic-Resistant Steel Frame Systems
NEES-2005-0078 resource data Inelastic Web Crushing Performance Limits of High-Strength-Concrete Structural Walls
NEES-2005-0084 resource data Sidesway Collapse of Deteriorating Structural Systems Under Seismic Excitations
NEES-2005-0086 resource data Seismic Risk Mitigation for Port Systems
NEES-2005-0090 resource data In situ Measurement of Dynamic Soil Nonlinearity
NEES-2005-0093 resource data Full Scale Testing of RC Pile Foundation Systems for Highway Bridges
NEES-2005-0096 resource data Ultra-Low Cycle Fatigue and Fracture in Steel Structures
NEES-2005-0101 resource data SAC Steel Project: Phase 2: Seismic Design Criteria For Steel Moment Frame Construction: Connection Tests
NEES-2005-0104 resource data Behavior, Analysis and Design of Complex Wall Systems
NEES-2006-0116 resource data Highly-Damage-Tolerant Slab-Column Frame Systems
NEES-2006-0120 resource data Multi-Site Soil-Structure-Foundation Interaction Test (MISST):Lehigh
NEES-2006-0135 resource data Hybrid Simulation and Shake-Table Tests on RC Buildings With Masonry Infill Walls
NEES-2006-0138 resource data Development of a Performance-Based Seismic Design Philosophy for Mid-Rise Woodframe Construction
NEES-2006-0149 resource data Development of Centrifuge Tools for Placing Grout and Grouted Helical Piers In-Flight
NEES-2006-0155 resource data Using NEES Field Shakers and IRIS Equipment to Measure Crustal Structure
NEES-2006-0163 resource data In Situ Determination of Soil Modulus and Damping as a Function of Level of Strain
NEES-2006-0164 resource data Surface Wave Methods for Deep Shear Wave Velocity Profiling Applied to Deep Sediments of MS Embayment
NEES-2006-0166 resource data Mechanisms and Implications of Time-Dependent Changes in the State and Properties of Recently Liquefied Sands
NEES-2006-0167 resource data Seismic Reflection Transect Across the New Madrid Seismic Zone: Imaging Sediment Structure
NEES-2006-0171 resource data A Phase 1 Prediction of Dynamic Response of Spread Footings on Sand
NEES-2006-0173 resource data Deep Surface Wave Profiling in the Salt Lake Valley
NEES-2006-0180 resource data Using NEES as a Testbed for Studying Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction: Centrifuge Tests
NEES-2006-0201 resource data Multi-Site Soil-Structure-Foundation Interaction Test (MISST): Illinois
NEES-2006-0202 resource data SAC Steel Project - Task 7.03 - T-Stubs
NEES-2006-0203 resource data Shake Table Response of Full Scale Reinforced Concrete Wall Building Slice
NEES-2006-0205 resource data Pile Pinning Effects on a Bridge Abutment in Laterally Spreading Ground during Earthquakes
NEES-2006-0224 resource data Towards developing an engineering procedure for evaluating building performance on softened ground
NEES-2006-0254 resource data NEES E-Defense: Seismic Performance of Interlocking Spiral Columns and Rectang. Cols. Based on Shake Table Tests
NEES-2006-0256 resource data Teleoperated Shake Tables for Instruction
NEES-2006-0283 resource data Testing of a New Line of Seismic Base Isolators called Earthquake protector
NEES-2007-0325 resource data Tsunami Wave Impact Forces on Cylinders
NEES-2007-0327 resource data Control of Plastic Hinging Behavior of RC Bridge Systems
NEES-2007-0343 resource data Landslide Tsunami Generator
NEES-2007-0348 resource data Dynamic Passive Pressure on Full-Scale Pile Caps
NEES-2007-0361 resource data Collaboration between E-Defense and NEES: Studying Pile Stress in Laterally Spread Ground
NEES-2007-0391 resource data High-Fidelity Site Characterization by Experimentation, Field Observation, and Inversion-Based Modeling
NEES-2007-0411 resource data Experimental Investigation of a Prototype Elastomeric Structural Damper
NEES-2007-0412 resource data Seismically Induced Delayed-Landslides in Homogeneous Cohesive Slopes and Embankments
NEES-2007-0414 resource data Using the NEES Field Shakers to Induce Liquefaction at Previous Liquefaction Sites
NEES-2007-0422 resource data Seismic Performance Assessment and Retrofit of Non-Ductile RC Frames with Infill Walls
NEES-2007-0423 resource data NEES Performance Curves
NEES-2007-0440 resource data System Behavior Factors For Composite And Mixed Structural Systems
NEES-2007-0515 resource data Subsurface Structure of the Santa Rosa Plain, California, from High-Resolution Seismic-Reflection Data
NEES-2007-0516 resource data Field Measurements of Nonlinear Soil Properties
NEES-2008-0523 resource data SASW Measurements at USGS Hawaiian Strong Motion Network
NEES-2008-0565 resource data Innovative Economical Foundations with Improved Performance that is Less Sensitive to Site Conditions
NEES-2008-0570 resource data International Hybrid Simulation of Tomorrow's Braced Frame Systems
NEES-2008-0571 resource data TIPS - Tools to Facilitate Widespread Use of Isolation and Protective Systems, a NEES/E-Defense Collaboration
NEES-2008-0576 resource data Damage Detection and Health Monitoring of Buried Pipelines after Earthquake-Induced Ground Movement
NEES-2008-0577 resource data TSUNAMOS: A Validated, Multi-Scale Tsunami Model for Hybrid Numerical-Experimental Simulation
NEES-2008-0605 resource data International Hybrid Simulation of Tomorrow's Braced Frame Systems
NEES-2008-0623 resource data Experimental Testing of Controllable Damping Devices toward Extending the Lifespan of Existing Highway Bridges
NEES-2008-0625 resource data Experimental Investigation of a Full-Scale Flat-Plate RC Structure Subjected to Cyclic Lateral Loading
NEES-2008-0631 resource data Smart and Resilient Steel Plate Shear Walls
NEES-2008-0635 resource data Developing International Protocols for Offshore Sediments and their Role in Geohazards
NEES-2008-0637 resource data Mitigation of Collapse Risk in Vulnerable Concrete Buildings
NEES-2008-0639 resource data Seismic Performance Assessment in Dense Urban Environments
NEES-2008-0644 resource data Evaluation of Seismic Levee Deformation Potential by Destructive Cyclic Field Testing
NEES-2008-0648 resource data Performance-Based Design and Real-Time Large-Scale Testing to Enable Implementation of Advanced Damping Systems
NEES-2008-0653 resource data Development of Next Generation Adaptive Seismic Protection Systems
NEES-2008-0661 resource data A Seismic Study of Wind Turbines for Renewable Energy
NEES-2009-0663 resource data Mitigating the Risk of Coastal Infrastructure through understanding Tsunami-Structure Interaction and Modeling
NEES-2009-0664 resource data Development of Performance Based Tsunami Engineering, PBTE
NEES-2009-0665 resource data Leveraging Tsunami Research - Wave Loading on Residential Structures with Earthquake and Hurricane Applications
NEES-2009-0666 resource data Seismic Performance of Innovative Straw Bale Wall Systems
NEES-2009-0671 resource data Earthquake Hazard Study - Pacific Northwest
NEES-2009-0672 resource data Deep Shear Wave Velocity Measurements in the Las Vegas Basin
NEES-2009-0679 resource data Performance-Based Design of New Masonry: UCSD
NEES-2009-0680 resource data Performance-Based Design of New Masonry: UT
NEES-2009-0681 resource data Performance-Based Design of New Masonry:NCA&T
NEES-2009-0685 resource data Framework for Development of Hybrid Simulation in an Earthquake Impact Assessment Context
NEES-2009-0696 resource data Evaluation of nonlinear site response of soft clay using centrifuge models
NEES-2009-0707 resource data Rapid Return to Occupancy in Unbraced Steel Frames
NEES-2009-0711 resource data Advanced Servo-Hydraulic Control and Real-Time Testing of Damped Structures
NEES-2009-0712 resource data Investigation of Near-Fault Ground Motion Effects on Substandard Bridge Columns and Bents
NEES-2009-0722 resource data NEESR-CR: Full-Scale Structural and Nonstructural Building System Performance during Earthquake
NEES-2009-0725 resource data Behavior and Design of Cast-in-Place Anchors under Simulated Seismic Loading
NEES-2009-0728 resource data Large-Scale Testing of Fault Rupture Effects for SFPUC - BDPL3 & 4 Fault Crossing Phase 2
NEES-2009-0731 resource data Soil Improvement Strategies to Mitigate Impact of Seismic Ground Failures
NEES-2009-0736 resource data SASW Measurements at Stanford University
NEES-2010-0870 resource data Collaborative USGS-NEES Earthquake Hazard Studies in the Reno-Carson City Urban Corridor, Nevada
NEES-2010-0872 resource data NSF RAPID: Collection of Damage Data Following Haiti Earthquake
NEES-2010-0878 resource data Seismic imaging with Thumper for earthquake faults near Marianna, AR
NEES-2010-0881 resource data USGS-NEES Pilot Study: Trex P-wave Seismic Reflection Imaging in Garner Valley
NEES-2010-0882 resource data Damage Detection of Reinforced Concrete Columns Subjected to Combined Actions
NEES-2010-0895 resource data Development of a Performance-Based Seismic Design Philosophy for Mid-Rise Woodframe Construction
NEES-2010-0904 resource data Reinforced Concrete Columns Reinforced with High-Strength Steel
NEES-2010-0905 resource data Shear Strength Decay in Reinforced Concrete Columns Subjected to Large Deflection Reversals
NEES-2010-0912 resource data Collapse Simulation of Multi-Story Buildings Through Hybrid Testing
NEES-2010-0915 resource data Behavior of Ten Story Reinforced Concrete Walls Subjected to Earthquake Motions
NEES-2010-0917 resource data Hybrid Masonry Seismic Structural Systems
NEES-2010-0918 resource data Earthquake Response and Rehabilitation of Critical Lifelines
NEES-2010-0919 resource data Measuring Runup and Bed Shear Stress Using Long Stroke Wave-Makers
NEES-2010-0920 resource data Seismic Response of Landfills: In-Situ Evaluation, Comparison to Laboratory Testing, and Impact on Analyses
NEES-2010-0921 resource data Enabling Performance-Based Seismic Design of Multi-Story Cold-Formed Steel Structures
NEES-2010-0922 resource data Post-Tensioned Coupled Shear Wall Systems
NEES-2010-0923 resource data Earthquake Hazard Reduction for Critical Facilities
NEES-2010-0924 resource data Developing and Testing Algorithms for Generating Leading Tsunami Waves
NEES-2010-0928 resource data Innovative Seismic Retrofits for Resilient Reinforced Concrete Buildings
NEES-2010-0929 resource data Field Testing of a Non-ductile Reinforced Concrete Building in Turkey
NEES-2010-0934 resource data NEESsoft-Seismic Risk Reduction for Soft-Story, Wood frame Buildings
NEES-2010-0936 resource data Earthquake Performance of Full-Scale Reinforced Soil Walls
NEES-2010-0940 resource data Characterization of Dynamic Soil-Pile Interaction by Random Vibration Methods
NEES-2010-0941 resource data NSF RAPID: Post-Earthquake Monitoring of Buildings in Chile Using NEES@UCLA Resources
NEES-2010-0942 resource data Impact Forces from Tsunami-Driven Debris
NEES-2010-0943 resource data Seismic Earth Pressures on Retaining Structures
NEES-2010-0952 resource data Understanding and Improving the Seismic Behavior of Pile Foundations in Soft Clays
NEES-2010-0953 resource data Biological Improvement of Sands for Liquefaction Prevention and Damage Mitigation
NEES-2010-0954 resource data Determining the Added Hazard Potential of Tsunamis by Interaction with Ocean Swell and Wind Waves
NEES-2010-0955 resource data Dissipation of Long-Wave Energy by Discontinuous Macro-Roughness Representing Forested Areas
NEES-2010-0960 resource data Seismic Design Guidelines of Retaining Walls with/without Sound Wall
NEES-2010-0962 resource data Collaborative USGS-NEES Earthquake Hazard Studies in the New Madrid Seismic zone and Puget Sound, WA
NEES-2010-0963 resource data NEESR Payload: Measurement of the Strength of Liquefied Soil in Physical Models
NEES-2010-0964 resource data Using NEES as a Testbed for Studying Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction (SFSI): Field Tests
NEES-2010-0966 resource data Fiber Optic Method for Buried Pipelines Health Assessment after Earthquake-Induced Ground Movement
NEES-2010-0967 resource data Experimental Investigation on the Seismic Performance of Horizontally Curved Bridges
NEES-2010-0968 resource data Tsunami Generation by Landslides: Integrating Lab Experiments, Numerical Models and Natural Scale Applications
NEES-2010-0969 resource data Centrifuge Tests for Soil-Culvert-Interaction of Square Box Culvert In Dry Cohesionless Soil
NEES-2010-0972 resource data Development of a Real-Time Multi-Site Hybrid Testing Tool for NEES
NEES-2010-0973 resource data Real-Time Hybrid Simulation Test-Bed for Structural Systems with Smart Dampers
NEES-2010-0974 resource data Hybrid Simulation Platform for Seismic Performance Evaluation of Structures Through Collapse
NEES-2010-0975 resource data Properties of Cohesionless Soil Subsequent to Liquefaction and Resedimentation
NEES-2010-0976 resource data Full-Scale Seismically Isolated Bridge Testing
NEES-2010-0977 resource data Topographic Effects in Strong Ground Motion - From Physical and Numerical Modeling to Design
NEES-2010-0979 resource data Structural Health Monitoring of Tall & Special Buildings
NEES-2010-0980 resource data Performance Testing of Full-Scale Bridge Abutments
NEES-2010-0981 resource data Performance Evaluation of Semi-rigid Steel Frames Using Hybrid Simulation
NEES-2010-0983   resource data Assessment of Punching Shear Vulnerability of Slab-Column Connections with Shear Stud Reinforcement
NEES-2010-0984 resource data An Innovative Seismic Performance Enhancement Technique for Steel Building Beam-Column Connections
NEES-2010-0986 resource data Collapse Vulnerability and Seismic Design of Metal Buildings
NEES-2010-0987 resource data Large-Scale Validation of Seismic Performance of Bridge Columns
NEES-2010-0994 resource data An Investigation of the Unit Shear Strength of Geometrically Scaled Reinforced Concrete Beams
NEES-2011-1004 resource data Seismic Isolation of Earth Retaining Structures using EPS Geofoam -- Centrifuge Testing
NEES-2011-1005 resource data U.S. Instrumentation and Data Processing for the 4-Story RC and Post-Tensioned E-Defense Building Tests
NEES-2011-1013 resource data 144 DOF Dynamic Measurement from a 50' Full Scale Highway Sign Support Truss
NEES-2011-1018 resource data Performance-Based Design for Cost-Effective Seismic Hazard Mitigation in New Bldgs Using Supp'mt Passive Dampers
NEES-2011-1019 resource data Experimental Study of Frame-Wall Interaction in RC Structures Subjected to Strong Earthquake Motions
NEES-2011-1029 resource data Characterizing the geometry and time of deformation of the Meeman-Shelby Fault, near Memphis, TN
NEES-2011-1031 resource data Dynamic Measurements from a Laboratory Truss in Healthy and Damaged Conditions
NEES-2011-1040 resource data Effect of Infill Walls on the Drift Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Frames Subjected to Lateral-Load Reversals
NEES-2011-1043 resource data Experimental Study of the Dynamic Response of a Ten-Story Reinforced Concrete Frame With a Tall First Story
NEES-2011-1045 resource data Seismic Design of Reinforced Masonry Shear-wall Structures
NEES-2011-1046 resource data RAPID: Mapping of Earthquake Damage in Precast Buildings in Christchurch, New Zealand
NEES-2011-1049 resource data Experimental Determination of Performance of Drift-Sensitive Nonstructural Facade Under Seismic Loading
NEES-2011-1050 resource data Seismic Response of Structural Walls with Geometric and Reinforcement Discontinuities
NEES-2011-1053 resource data Experimental Modelling and Analysis of Three One-Tenth-Scale Reinforced Concrete Frame-Wall Structure
NEES-2011-1054 resource data Cyclic Behavior of Concrete Shear Walls: A Rational Approach
NEES-2011-1057 resource data Experiments and Analyses to Study the Seismic Response of RC Frame-Wall Structures with Yielding Columns
NEES-2011-1058 resource data Experiments to Study Earthquake Response of R/C Structures with Stiffness Interruptions
NEES-2011-1061 resource data Earthquake-Simulation Tests of a Ten-Story RC Frame with a Discontinued First-Level Beam
NEES-2011-1063 resource data An Experimental and Analytical Study of the Earthquake Response of R/C Frames with Yielding Columns
NEES-2011-1065 resource data Experiments to Study Seismic Drift of Reinforced Concrete Structures
NEES-2011-1068 resource data Experiments to Study the Earthquake Response of Reinforced Concrete Frames with Setbacks
NEES-2011-1072 resource data Response of Ten Story, Reinforced Concrete Model Frames to Simulated Earthquakes
NEES-2011-1074 resource data Field Vibration Testing and Analytical Studies of a Four-Story RC Building
NEES-2011-1076 resource data RTHS and Shake Table Comparison for Smart Structural Systems
NEES-2011-1080 resource data An Innovative Gap Damper to Control Seismic Isolator Displacements in Extreme Earthquakes
NEES-2011-1081 resource data Induced Partial Saturation (LPS) Through Transport and Reactivity for Liquefaction Mitigation
NEES-2011-1085 resource data Seismic Rehabilitation of Substandard Building Structures through Implementation of Stiff Rocking Cores
NEES-2011-1089 resource data Ultra-Low Forced Vibration Testing
NEES-2011-1096 resource data Stability of Elastomeric and Lead-Rubber Seismic Isolation Bearings Under Extreme Earthquake Loading
NEES-2011-1098 resource data Performance of the Base-Isolated Christchurch Women's Hospital during the EQs from Sept. 2010-2011
NEES-2011-1099 resource data Retaining Wall Shake-Table Test and Design Using Tire Derived Aggregates as Backfill
NEES-2012-1100 resource data Testing and Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Coupling Beams
NEES-2012-1122 resource data Seismic Performance of 5 RC Buildings w Structural Walls at Tohoku Univ. during the Tohoku EQ of 2011
NEES-2012-1123 resource data Control of nonlinear soil-structure system using MR dampers -IoT Technology in Structural Monitoring and Control
NEES-2012-1131 resource data Lateral Load Behavior and Modeling of Shear-Dominant RC Walls for Performance-Based Design
NEES-2012-1135 resource data Development and Validation of a Robust Framework for Real-time Hybrid Testing
NEES-2012-1158 resource data Magnetorheological Damper Test Data for Characterization and Modeling
NEES-2012-1168 resource data U.S. Instrum. & Data Proc. - Experiment on Soil-Structure Interaction of Underground Structures at E-Defense
NEES-2012-1169 resource data The Effect of Scale on the Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Beams to Shear
NEES-2012-1173 resource data Deep Shear Wave Velocity Profiling for Seismic Characterization of Christchurch, NZ
NEES-2013-1174 resource data Field Measurement of the Linear and Nonlinear Constrained Moduli of Granular Soil
NEES-2013-1181 resource data Low-Cost, Strong-Motion Sensor Package to Obtain Full Spectrum Waveforms
NEES-2013-1195 resource data Shake table study on the effect of diaphragm flexibility on out-of-plane dynamic stability of URM walls
NEES-2013-1204 resource data Field Investigation of Shallow Ground Improvement Methods for Inhibiting Liquefaction; Christchurch, NZ
NEES-2013-1205 resource data Development of New Predictive Stability and Performance Metrics for Real-time Hybrid Simulation
NEES-2013-1207 resource data Sustainable Highway Bridges with Novel Materials and Deconstructible Components
NEES-2013-1216 resource data Seismic Resilience of Pre-Tensioned Bridge Bents
NEES-2013-1219 resource data Real time dynamic substructuring tests on a cable-deck system
NEES-2013-1220 resource data Parametric Identification of a Servo-Hydraulic Actuator for Real Time Hybrid Simulation
NEES-2013-1225 resource data Feedforward actuator controller development using the backward-difference method for RT hybrid simulation
NEES-2013-1228 resource data Replication data: Time-series cross-sectional dataset on police jurisdictions in Tokyo, JP, 1922-1933
NEES-2014-1234 resource data Model updating with constrained unscented Kalman filter for hybrid testing
NEES-2014-1235 resource data RTHS Method and Technique for Dynamic Damage Process Analysis of Large-scale Building and Bridge Structures
NEES-2014-1239  resource data Compensation Techniques for Experimental Errors in Real-Time Hybrid Simulation Using Shake Tables
NEES-2014-1240 resource data Developing a frequency-domain based approach for actuator tracking assessment in RT Hybrid Simulation
NEES-2014-1241 resource data Wind Tunnel Tests for Wind-Excited Benchmark Building
NEES-2014-1243 resource data Real-time dynamic hybrid testing based on finite element method
NEES-2014-1244 resource data Proposed Locations for FEMA Trailers Post Katrina

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