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Project # Project Name / Download Link Authors DOI
113Compressive Strength of Unreinforced StrutsJonathan Monical, Lucas Laughery, Santiago Pujol10.7277/NCAH-6128
124Quantum Post- Lock and Key Descriptor DatasetRoss Douglas Hoehn10.7277/9NNG-HW92
137Building Surveys after EarthquakesJonathan Monical10.7277/368Q-T523
138GFBI : Positive Biodiversity Productivity Relationship Predominant in Global ForestsJingjing Liang10.7277/9RBF-RA12
179Synthesis and Characterization of Semiconducting Sinnerite (Cu6As4S9) Thin FilmsScott Andrew McClary, Rakesh Agrawal10.7277/DYV5-WY28
186Versatile Colloidal Syntheses of Metal Chalcogenide Nanoparticles from Elemental Precursors using Amine-Thiol ChemistrySwapnil Dattatray Deshmukh, Ryan Ellis, Dwi Sutandar, David Rokke, Rakesh Agrawal
189RC Structural Walls With Lap SplicesWilliam Pollalis, Santiago Pujol10.7277/B56D-1P70
205Nanosecond Carrier Lifetimes in Solution-Processed Enargite (Cu3AsS4) Thin FilmsScott Andrew McClary, Mohammad M. Taheri, Daria D. Blach, Apurva A. Pradhan, Siming Li, Libai Huang, Jason B. Baxter, Rakesh Agrawal10.7277/T91W-B374
208An Experimental Study of the Response of RC Frames and Frames with Masonry Infill Walls to Simulated EarthquakesJonathan Monical10.7277/W61K-FB26
229Organic Acids SO3 ReactionJie Zhong10.7277/E5Z6-Y436
247Unreinforced Concrete Strut DatabaseLucas Laughery, Santiago Pujol10.7277/6E4J-R892
250Drift Demands on Reinforced Concrete Structures Subjected to Strong Ground MotionsLucas Laughery, Santiago Pujol10.7277/FP6Q-8J30
251Proposed Locations for FEMA Trailers in Post-Katrina New Orleans, 2005 - 2006 (NEES-2014-1244)Daniel Aldrich10.7277/AWB0-EX78
253Replication data: Time-series cross-sectional dataset on police jurisdictions in Tokyo, JP, 1922-1933 (NEES-2013-1228)Daniel Aldrich10.7277/BTF8-K102
254Sythesis of pure phase Cu3PS4 and Cu6PS5cl for semiconductor applicationsBrian K Graeser10.7277/C4WF-XG34
255Four-Terminal All-Perovskite Tandem Solar Cells Achieving Power Conversion Efficiencies Exceeding 23%Zhaoning Song, Dewei Zhao, Changlei Wang, Yue Yu, Cong Chen, Xingzhong Zhao, Kai Zhu, Yanfa Yan10.7277/YH6Z-VG06
256Pressure-Assisted Annealing Strategy for High-Performance Self-Powered All-Inorganic Perovskite MC photodetectorsZhaoning Song, Hai Zhou, Corey R. Grice, Cong Chen, Xiaohan Yang, Hao Wang, Yanfa Yan10.7277/SCG8-ZR44
257Self-Powered All-Inorganic Perovskite Microcrystal Photodetectors with High DetectivityZhaoning Song, Hai Zhou, Junpeng Zeng, Corey R. Grice, Cong Chen, Zehao Song, Dewei Zhao, Hao Wang, Yanfa Yan10.7277/220B-7E03
258Experimental Investigation of a Full-Scale Flat-Plate Reinforced Concrete StructureDamon R. Fick10.7277/ST6M-V868
259Band Tail Engineering in Kesterite Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 Thin-Film Solar Cells with 11.8% EfficiencyZhaoning Song, Myeng Gil Gang, Seung Wook Shin, Mahesh P. Suryawanshi, Uma V. Ghorpade, Jun Sung Jang, Jae Ho Yun, Hyeonsik Cheong, Yanfa Yan, Jin Hyeok Kim10.7277/G75V-JJ02
260Cyclic Behavior of Concrete Shear Walls: A Rational Approach (NEES-2011-1054)Mohamad Mansour, Thomas Hsu, Yi-Lung Mo10.7277/MATX-SS89
261Feedforward actuator controller development using the backward-difference method for RT hybrid simulation (NEES-2013-1225)Billie Spencer, Brian Phillips10.7277/05TF-5248
262Leveraging Tsunami Research - Wave Loading on Residential Structures with Earthquake and Hurricane Applications (NEES-2009-0665)John Van de Lindt, Rakesh Gupta10.7277/CEJ9-VG90
264Investigating Chemistry of Metal Dissolution in Amine-Thiol Mixtures & Exploiting it towards Benign Ink Formulations forSwapnil Dattatray Deshmukh, Xin Zhao, David J Rokke, Guanghui Zhang, Zhenwei Wu, Jeffrey T Miller, Rakesh Agrawal10.7277/7Y4X-3A38
265Dissipation of Long-Wave Energy by Discontinuous Macro-Roughness Representing Forested Areas (NEES-2010-0955)Jennifer Irish10.7277/WJYM-NE47
266Real time dynamic substructuring tests on a cable-deck system (NEES-2013-1219)Maria Rosaria Marsico10.7277/ANMR-9473
267Behavior of Ten Story Reinforced Concrete Walls Subjected to Earthquake Motions (NEES-2010-0915)Mete Sozen10.7277/CF57-J606
268A Cu3PS4 nanoparticle hole selective layer for efficient inverted perovskite solar cellsXINXING YIN, Scott Andrew McClary, Zhaoning Song, Dewei Zhao, Brian K Graeser, Changlei Wang, Niraj Shrestha, Xiaoming Wang, Cong Chen, Chongwen Li, Kamala K. Subedi, Randy J. Ellingson, Weihua Tang, Rakesh Agrawal, Yanfa Yan10.7277/1A2F-P146
269Model updating with constrained unscented Kalman filter for hybrid testing (NEES-2014-1234)Bin Wu10.7277/BBGM-1J59
270Compensation Techniques for Experimental Errors in Real-Time Hybrid Simulation Using Shake Tables (NEES-2014-1239)Naru Nakata10.7277/8YWF-F643
271Earthquake-Simulation Tests of a Ten-Story RC Frame with a Discontinued First-Level Beam (NEES-2011-1061)Jack Moehle, Mete Sozen10.7277/KF2R-1043
272An Investigation of the Unit Shear Strength of Geometrically Scaled Reinforced Concrete BeamsMatthew Murray, Santiago Pujol10.7277/SVAC-1590
273Cyclic Tests of Steel Reinforced Concrete (SRC) WallsXiaodong Ji, Jiaru Qian, Zao Jiang, Ya Sun, Xinzheng Lu10.7277/HPQP-GV36
274RC Collapse Test (NEES-2005-0018)Chiun-lin Wu10.7277/XPZC-JN46
275Experimental Study of the Dynamic Response of a Ten-Story Reinforced Concrete Frame With a Tall First Story (NEES-2011-1043)Timothy J. Healey10.7277/176M-2653
276Real-time dynamic hybrid testing based on finite element method (NEES-2014-1243)Ting-Jie Wang10.7277/896A-8151
277A Phase 1 Prediction of Dynamic Response of Spread Footings on Sand (NEES-2006-0171)Dennis Hiltunen10.7277/8TT4-4X60
278Shear Strength Decay in Reinforced Concrete Columns Subjected to Large Deflection Reversals (NEES-2010-0905)Jim Wight, Mete Sozen10.7277/SKXV-BK59
279Real-time Fast Hybrid Testing Steel Frame Test (NEES-2011-0004)Eric Stauffer10.7277/ENEV-YZ03
280SASW Measurements at Stanford University (NEES-2009-0736)Ivan Wong, Kenneth H. Stokoe10.7277/9HB8-3X30
281Experimental Modelling and Analysis of Three One-Tenth-Scale Reinforced Concrete Frame-Wall Structure (NEES-2011-1053)Mete Sozen10.7277/YD07-1269
282RTHS Method and Technique for Dynamic Damage Process Analysis of Large-scale Building and Bridge Structures (NEES-2014-1235)Yan Xiao, Bin Wu10.7277/VHZN-RQ24
283Control of nonlinear soil-structure system using MR dampers -IoT Technology in Structural Monitoring and Control(NEES-2012-1123)Hui Li10.7277/PHQC-4390
284Multi-Site Soil-Structure-Foundation Interaction Test (MISST): Illinois (NEES-2006-0201)Billie Spencer10.7277/RKXW-4P69
285Experiments to Study the Earthquake Response of Reinforced Concrete Frames with Setbacks (NEES-2011-1068)Sharon Wood, Mete Sozen10.7277/5EYH-PZ29
286Lead Chalcogenide Nanoparticles and Their Size-Controlled Self Assemblies for Thermoelectric & Photovoltaic ApplicationsSwapnil Dattatray Deshmukh, Caleb Miskin, Venkata Vasiraju, Kevin Bock, Gaurav Mittal, Angela Dubois-Camacho, Sreeram Vaddiraju, Rakesh Agrawal10.7277/MHG4-GM84
287BRI Wall DatabaseMerve Usta10.7277/D1S6-YH30
288SAC Steel Project: Phase 2: Seismic Design Criteria For Steel Moment Frame Construction: Connection Tests (NEES-2005-0101)Michael Engelhardt, Gary Fry, Chia-Ming Uang10.7277/VXQG-MJ03
289Collaboration between E-Defense and NEES: Studying Pile Stress in Laterally Spread Ground (NEES-2007-0361)Ross Boulanger10.7277/8CAR-5V95
290Response of Ten Story, Reinforced Concrete Model Frames to Simulated Earthquakes (NEES-2011-1072)Mete Sozen10.7277/X5BK-7421
291Deep Shear Wave Velocity Measurements in the Las Vegas Basin (NEES-2009-0672)Barbara Luke10.7277/7S66-AR47
292Mechanisms and Implications of Time-Dependent Changes in the State and Properties of Recently Liquefied SandsRussell Green10.7277/C8VN-9225
293Experimental Study of Seismic Response of Reinforced Concrete Setback BuildingsBahram M. Shahrooz, Jack P. Moehle10.7277/29M1-HG59
294Deep Surface Wave Profiling in the Salt Lake Valley (NEES-2006-0173)Kenneth H. Stokoe10.7277/P7NA-C794
295Experimental Investigation of a Prototype Elastomeric Structural Damper (NEES-2007-0411)James Ricles, Richard Sause10.7277/7012-EG30
2962017 Pohang EarthquakeChungwook Sim, Lucas Laughery, T. C. Chiou, Pu-wen Weng10.7277/04XV-FA16
298Experiments to Study Earthquake Response of R/C Structures with Stiffness Interruptions (NEES-2011-1058)Jack Moehle, Mete Sozen10.7277/NM3E-V113
299Experimental Study of Frame-Wall Interaction in RC Structures Subjected to Strong Earthquake Motions (NEES-2011-1019)Daniel Abrams, Mete Sozen10.7277/ZMPM-DQ47
300Development of New Predictive Stability and Performance Metrics for Real-time Hybrid Simulation (NEES-2013-1205)Amin Maghareh, Shirley Dyke, Fangshu Lin, Arun Prakash10.7277/T66T-4D06
301SASW Measurements at USGS Hawaiian Strong Motion Network (NEES-2008-0523)Ivan Wong, Brady Cox, Kenneth H. Stokoe10.7277/RPGP-4K03
302Lateral Load Behavior and Modeling of Shear-Dominant RC Walls for Performance-Based Design (NEES-2012-1131)John Wallace10.7277/0Y9K-XH48
303Ultra-Low Forced Vibration Testing (NEES-2011-1089)Cole McDaniel, Graham Arche10.7277/GRGT-P607
305Damage Detection and Health Monitoring of Buried Pipelines after Earthquake-Induced Ground Movement (NEES-2008-0576)Radoslaw Michalowski, Aaron Bradshaw, Russell Green, Jerome Lynch, Jason Weiss10.7277/MFJF-VC33
306Dynamic Behavior of Slickensided Surfaces (NEES-2005-0027)Ross Boulanger, James Duncan10.7277/T4TQ-P210
307Field Measurement of the Linear and Nonlinear Constrained Moduli of Granular Soil (NEES-2013-1174)Kenneth H. Stokoe10.7277/K6XX-WE62
308Damage Detection of Reinforced Concrete Columns Subjected to Combined Actions (NEES-2010-0882)Gangbing Song, Yi-Ling Mo10.7277/HFYD-SM88
309Engineering in the City of the CenturyMerve Usta10.7277/9JJP-6055
310Full-Scale Seismically Isolated Bridge Testing (NEES-2010-0976)Andrew Whittaker10.7277/MTQ2-KC69
318ACI 445B Shear Wall DatabaseSantiago Pujol, ACI Subcommittee 445B, Cheng Song, Ying Wang, Aishwarya Puranam, Merve Usta10.7277/EESD-J453
319Performance-Based Design for Cost-Effective Seismic Hazard Mitigation in New Bldgs Using Supp'mt Passive Dampers(NEES-2011-1018)Richard Sause, James Ricles10.7277/ZMNZ-2P46
321U.S. Instrumentation and Data Processing for the 4-Story RC and Post-Tensioned E-Defense Building Tests (NEES-2011-1005)John Wallace10.7277/YW33-YV78
322Sustainable Highway Bridges with Novel Materials and Deconstructible Components (NEES-2013-1207)Mehdi Saiidi10.7277/EED6-SN10
323EERI Friedman Family Visiting Professionals ProgramJonathan Monical
324Hybrid Simulation and Shake-Table Tests on RC Buildings With Masonry Infill Walls (NEES-2006-0135)Khalid Mosalam10.7277/M1VA-WC30
326Towards developing an engineering procedure for evaluating building performance on softened ground (NEES-2006-0224)Jonathan Bray10.7277/Z160-8V32
328Development of Centrifuge Tools for Placing Grout and Grouted Helical Piers In-Flight (NEES-2006-0149)Tara Hutchinson, Dan Wilson10.7277/TBWM-W975
329Earthquake Hazard Reduction for Critical Facilities (NEES-2010-0923)Henri Gavin10.7277/YD8M-RM13
330High Strength Steel Bars in RC ColumnsTOMOMI SUZUKI10.7277/QYCA-EN33
331Earthquake Simulation Tests of High-Rise RC Residential Buildings (NEES-2014-1256)Han Seon Lee10.7277/SHYF-5H56
332Spatial Distribution of Damage caused by the 1999 earthquakes in TurkeyWilliam Pollalis10.7277/12V8-1K77
333Developing a frequency-domain based approach for actuator tracking assessment in RT Hybrid Simulation (NEES-2014-1240)Cheng Chen10.7277/BSWK-NC73
334NEES Performance Curves (NEES-2007-0423)Daniel Cox10.7277/DWFK-H913
335Seismic Performance of Innovative Straw Bale Wall Systems (NEES-2009-0666)Darcey Donovan10.7277/4SVG-6969
336Using NEES as a Testbed for Studying Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction: Shaking Table Tests (NEES-2005-0032)Mehdi Saiidi10.7277/HGN1-S327
337U.S. Instrum. & Data Proc. - Experiment on Soil-Structure Interaction of Underground Structures at E-Defense (NEES-2012-1168)Anne Lemnitzer10.7277/QB2S-RX10
338Innovative Economical Foundations with Improved Performance that is Less Sensitive to Site Conditions (NEES-2008-0565)Bruce Kutter10.7277/XXSX-4480
339Soil Improvement Strategies to Mitigate Impact of Seismic Ground Failures (NEES-2009-0731)Scott Olson, Youssef Hashash10.7277/2VDZ-Y281
340Dynamic Passive Pressure on Full-Scale Pile Caps (NEES-2007-0348)Kyle Rollins, Travis Gerber10.7277/KMXF-TG33
341Using the NEES Field Shakers to Induce Liquefaction at Previous Liquefaction Sites (NEES-2007-0414)Kenneth H. Stokoe, Ellen Rathje10.7277/DT0M-P952
342An Innovative Gap Damper to Control Seismic Isolator Displacements in Extreme Earthquakes (NEES-2011-1080)Justin Marshall, Keri Ryan10.7277/TQ37-5V53
343Mete Sozen's Digital LibraryMerve Usta, Molly A. Stetler10.7277/1T2A-RZ92
344The Effect of Maximum Aggregate Size on the Shear Strength of Geometrically Scaled Reinforced Concrete BeamsDerek Robert Daluga10.7277/GRT4-0X43
345Service Load Deflections in Slabs Reinforced with High Strength SteelAlana Lund, Aishwarya Y. Puranam, Lucas Laughery, Henrik Skovgaard, Santiago Pujol, Ryan T. Whelchel10.7277/AB9W-B480
346Control of Plastic Hinging Behavior of RC Bridge Systems (NEES-2007-0327)JoAnn Browning10.7277/Y2C8-JB64
347Earthquake Performance of Full-Scale Reinforced Soil Walls (NEES-2010-0936)Patrick Fox, Ahmed Elgamal10.7277/DA51-1K48
348Earthquake Reconnaissance Slides by Drs. Mete A. Sozen and Nathan M. NewmarkMete Sozen, Santiago Pujol, Ayhan Irfanoglu, Chungwook Sim, Suk Seung, Madeline Nelson, Aishwarya Y Puranam, Lucas Laughery, Merve Usta10.7277/CVBT-R358
349Evaluation of Ground Rupture Effects on Critical Lifelines (NEES-2005-0013)Thomas O'Rourke, Kathleen Krafft, Michael O'Rourke, Harry Stewart, Michael Symans10.7277/N0Q7-FQ84
350Experiments to Study Seismic Drift of Reinforced Concrete Structures (NEES-2011-1065)John Bonacci, Mete Sozen10.7277/F06G-FE27
352Effect of Infill Walls on the Drift Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Frames Subjected to Lateral-Load Reversals (NEES-2011-1040)Cemalettin Donmez10.7277/8NSX-D313
353Experimental Investigation of a Full-Scale Flat-Plate RC Structure Subjected to Cyclic Lateral Loading (NEES-2008-0625)Mete Sozen, Michael Kreger10.7277/Q3QK-YZ29
354In situ Measurement of Dynamic Soil Nonlinearity (NEES-2005-0090)Joan Gomberg10.7277/CTSD-GQ57
355Performance-Based Design of New Masonry:NCA&T (NEES-2009-0681)Richard Klingner, William McGinley, David McLean, Benson Shing10.7277/PFMT-8X47
356Hybrid Simulation Platform for Seismic Performance Evaluation of Structures Through Collapse (NEES-2010-0974)Gilberto Mosqueda10.7277/4340-K012
357Parametric Identification of a Servo-Hydraulic Actuator for Real Time Hybrid Simulation (NEES-2013-1220)Arun Prakash, Shirley Dyke10.7277/S74C-QM06
358NSF RAPID: Post-Earthquake Monitoring of Buildings in Chile Using NEES@UCLA Resources (NEES-2010-0941)John Wallace, Robert Nigbor10.7277/DE7T-HR12
359Small-Amplitude Vibration Tests of a Full-Scale Reinforced Concrete Flat-Plate Structure (NEES-2014-1247)Santiago Pujol10.7277/AJVH-3Y03
360Seismic imaging with Thumper for earthquake faults near Marianna, AR (NEES-2010-0878)Robert Williams10.7277/EA7Y-Z110
361Post-Tensioned Coupled Shear Wall Systems (NEES-2010-0922)Michael McGinnis, Yahya Kurama10.7277/A7Q6-RE90
362Topographic Effects in Strong Ground Motion - From Physical and Numerical Modeling to Design (NEES-2010-0977)Domniki Asimaki, Adrian Rodriguez-Marek, Brady Cox, Miguel Pando, Joseph Wartman10.7277/P24S-WV90
364The Art of Teaching I Engineering Art Lecture SeriesMerve Usta10.7277/AEYK-VA94
365Induced Partial Saturation (LPS) Through Transport and Reactivity for Liquefaction Mitigation (NEES-2011-1081)Mishac Yegian, Kenneth H. Stokoe, Sabanayagam Thevanayagam10.7277/JR9W-FA74
366EERI Undergraduate Seismic Design CompetitionEERI Student Leadership Council10.7277/MST2-J575
367Subsurface Structure of the Santa Rosa Plain, California, from High-Resolution Seismic-Reflection Data (NEES-2007-0515)Robert Williams10.7277/2JE5-9B96
368Earthquake Simulation TestsMerve Usta10.7277/AFTW-7Q89
369NEESR Payload: Measurement of the Strength of Liquefied Soil in Physical Models (NEES-2012-0963)Mandar Dewoolkar, Pedro Alba10.7277/X5AG-4S96
370Seismic Performance Assessment and Retrofit of Non-Ductile RC Frames with Infill Walls (NEES-2007-0422)Benson Shing, Sarah Billington, Kaspar William10.7277/PQZW-TF39
371Landslide Tsunami Generator (NEES-2007-0343)Hermann Fritz10.7277/00QM-TK09
372Measuring Runup and Bed Shear Stress Using Long Stroke Wave-Makers (NEES-2010-0919)Harry Yeh, Philip Liu10.7277/6XYV-M370
373Evaluation of Seismic Levee Deformation Potential by Destructive Cyclic Field Testing (NEES-2008-0644)Scott Brandenberg, Jonathan Stewart10.7277/D7DP-P896
374Development of Next Generation Adaptive Seismic Protection Systems (NEES-2008-0653)Satish Nagarajaiah, Andrei Reinhorn, Michael Constantinou, Michael Symans, Douglas Taylor, Jian Zhang10.7277/F67Z-WH69
375Determining the Added Hazard Potential of Tsunamis by Interaction with Ocean Swell and Wind Waves (NEES-2010-0954)James Kaihatu10.7277/CWH6-3B67
377Magnetorheological Damper Test Data for Characterization and Modeling (NEES-2012-1158)Shirley Dyke, Billie Spencer10.7277/NFRY-ZM47
378144 DOF Dynamic Measurement from a 50' Full Scale Highway Sign Support Truss (NEES-2011-1013)Shirley Dyke, Sriram Krishnan, Zhuoxiong Sun10.7277/SQCE-FJ18
379Stability of Rocking StructuresLucas Laughery, Kari Klaboe, Santiago Pujol10.7277/T4X8-BR03
380High-Fidelity Site Characterization by Experimentation, Field Observation, and Inversion-Based Modeling (NEES-2007-0391)Jacobo Bielak, Loukas Kallivokas10.7277/1397-Z015
381Seismically Induced Delayed-Landslides in Homogeneous Cohesive Slopes and Embankments (NEES-2007-0412)Joseph Wartman10.7277/4PX7-E366
382Field Testing of a Non-ductile Reinforced Concrete Building in Turkey (NEES-2010-0929)John Wallace, Ertugrul Taciroglu10.7277/D2SR-RW64
383NSF RAPID: Collection of Damage Data Following Haiti Earthquake (NEES-2010-0872)Reginald DesRoches, Laura Lowes, Marc Eberhard, Gustavo Parra-Montesinos10.7277/GPBM-1H12
384Shake Table Response of Full Scale Reinforced Concrete Wall Building Slice (NEES-2006-0203)Jose Restrepo10.7277/61TE-8C97
385Seismic Reflection Transect Across the New Madrid Seismic Zone: Imaging Sediment Structure (NEES-2006-0167)Joan Gomberg, Robert Williams10.7277/23D1-5989
386RAPID: Mapping of Earthquake Damage in Precast Buildings in Christchurch, New Zealand (NEES-2011-1046)Jose Restrepo, Robert Fleischman10.7277/TDZS-D567
387The Effect of Scale on the Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Beams to Shear (NEES-2012-1169)Santiago Pujol10.7277/THYH-ZR34
388Field Vibration Testing and Analytical Studies of a Four-Story RC Building (NEES-2011-1074)John Wallace, Jonathan Stewart, Ertugrul Taciroglu10.7277/GDS2-X336
389Innovative Seismic Retrofits for Resilient Reinforced Concrete Buildings (NEES-2010-0928)Reginald DesRoches, Roberto Leon, Claudia Marin-Artieda, Jamie Padgett10.7277/CKWK-C893
390International Hybrid Simulation of Tomorrow's Braced Frame Systems (NEES-2008-0570)Stephen Mahin10.7277/B9YG-JD76
391International Hybrid Simulation of Tomorrow's Braced Frame Systems (NEES-2008-0605)Charles Roeder, Dawn Lehman, Stephen Mahin, Taichiro Okazaki10.7277/2YCG-7B25
392Performance-Based Design and Real-Time Large-Scale Testing to Enable Implementation of Advanced Damping Systems (NEES-2008-0648)Shirley Dyke, Anil Agrawal, Richard Christenson, James Ricles, Billie Spencer10.7277/HVXC-6P52
393Using NEES Field Shakers and IRIS Equipment to Measure Crustal Structure (NEES-2006-0155)Simon Klemperer10.7277/2ANR-TK55
394NEES E-Defense: Seismic Performance of Interlocking Spiral Columns and Rectang. Cols. Based on Shake Table Tests (NEES-2006-0254Stephen Mahin10.7277/R1NH-FQ05
395Impact Forces from Tsunami-Driven Debris (NEES-2010-0942)H. Riggs, Daniel Cox, Marcelo Kobayashi, Clay Naito10.7277/B2FE-3516
396Performance Evaluation of Semi-rigid Steel Frames Using Hybrid Simulation (NEES-2010-0981)Amr Elnashai10.7277/7M8Z-WB35
397Understanding and Improving the Seismic Behavior of Pile Foundations in Soft Clays (NEES-2010-0952)Steven Vukazich, Kanthasamy Muraleetharan, Amy Cerato, Sri Sritharan10.7277/AMZC-SE93
398Performance-Based Design of New Masonry: UCSD (NEES-2009-0679)Richard Klingner, Nardin Wasef, William McGinley, David McLean, Benson Shing10.7277/R8F1-A174
399Highly-Damage-Tolerant Slab-Column Frame Systems (NEES-2006-0116)Gustavo Parra-Montesinos10.7277/NC5M-TC35
400Large-Scale Validation of Seismic Performance of Bridge Columns (NEES-2010-0987)PEER Lifelines Program10.7277/JMFV-Y580
401Structural Health Monitoring of Tall & Special Buildings (NEES-2014-0979)John Wallace10.7277/Y926-2J73
402Semiactive Control of Nonlinear Structures (NEES-2005-0021)Richard Christenson10.7277/ZDWW-8R66
403Seismic Design of Reinforced Masonry Shear-wall Structures (NEES-2011-1045)Benson Shing, Richard Klingner, David McLean10.7277/ZSWW-WN73
404Seismic Performance Assessment in Dense Urban Environments (NEES-2008-0639)Jonathan Bray, Gregg Fiegel, Tara Hutchinson, Bruce Kutter, Robert Reitherman, Andrew Whittaker10.7277/H51V-BW82
405Controlled Rocking of Steel-Framed Buildings (NEES-2005-0075)Gregory Deierlein, Sarah Billington, Jerome F. Hajjar10.7277/VG25-PE26
406Tsunami Wave Impact Forces on Cylinders (NEES-2007-0325)Philip Liu, Harry Yeh, Solomon Yim10.7277/MKJ2-2041
407A New Perspective on the Tensile Strength of Lap Splices in Reinforced Concrete MembersBrian Richter, Santiago Pujol10.7277/BN52-0411
408Field Investigation of Shallow Ground Improvement Methods for Inhibiting Liquefaction; Christchurch, NZ (NEES-2013-1204)Kenneth H. Stokoe, Brady Cox10.7277/5VSK-RW85
409Database on Performance of High-Rise Reinforced Concrete Buildings in the 2015 Nepal EarthquakePrateek Shah, Santiago Pujol, Aishwarya Puranam10.7277/RR6Z-SP18
410Collaborative USGS-NEES Earthquake Hazard Studies in the New Madrid Seismic zone and Puget Sound, WA (NEES-2010-0962)Robert Williams10.7277/C2MZ-W003
411RTHS and Shake Table Comparison for Smart Structural Systems (NEES-2011-1076)Jian Zhang, Bin Wu, Shirley Dyke10.7277/TPS7-V877
412Developing and Testing Algorithms for Generating Leading Tsunami Waves (NEES-2010-0924)Philip Liu10.7277/YYVK-3255
413Response of High-Strength Steel Reinforced Concrete Structures to Simulated EarthquakesSantiago Pujol, Lucas Laughery10.7277/PZT9-B114
414Behavior of Braced Steel Frames With Innovative Bracing Schemes - A NEES Collaboratory Project (NEES-2005-0024)Andrei Reinhorn, Michel Bruneau10.7277/Y6A1-B074
415Minimum amount of High-Strength Steel Reinforcement in Reinforced Concrete ElementsAishwarya Y Puranam, Santiago Pujol10.7277/QCRT-1209
416Tests of Continuous Beams with Large Reinforcement RatiosAishwarya Y. Puranam, Santiago Pujol10.7277/45BD-P385
417Collapse Vulnerability and Seismic Design of Metal Buildings (NEES-2010-0986)Chia-Ming Uang10.7277/JCM5-8268
418Seismic Performance of Bridge Systems with Conventional and Innovative Materials (NEES-2005-0033)Ahmed Elgamal, Mehdi Saiidi10.7277/X4WX-FB03
419Using NEES as a Testbed fo Studying Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction: Centrifuge Tests (NEES-2006-0180)Bruce Kutter, Pedro Arduino, Boris Jeremic, Dan Wilson10.7277/EJ9C-9P89
420Collaborative USGS-NEES Earthquake Hazard Studies in the Reno-Carson City Urban Corridor, Nevada (NEES-2010-0870)William Stephenson10.7277/MXQ3-PK29
421Sidesway Collapse of Deteriorating Structural Systems Under Seismic Excitations (NEES-2005-0084)Andrew Whittaker, Helmut Krawinkler10.7277/CJZA-2X09
422Earthquake Hazard Study - Pacific Northwest (NEES-2009-0671)Robert Williams10.7277/X4NP-SW39
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620Carbonation depthLiuzhuo Chen10.7277/V7A7-GM78
621Corrosion expansion crack timeLiuzhuo Chen10.7277/30QQ-KM16
622Cracking widthLiuzhuo Chen10.7277/HZ9H-9584
623Corrosion depth of reinforcementLiuzhuo Chen10.7277/D3YN-DE57
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709PunchingHadi Panahi